Thursday, 9 June 2011

Uber Ghekko Plank Belfast Bootcamping Personal Training

The Uber Ghekko Plank

What an exercise! this is one of the most effective tummy exercises you can do, feel the burn, become more coordinated and increase strength in your lower back, hips, tone the obliques, abs, increase strength in the shoulders and even the triceps to a point... my god i'm spoiling you with this one... Best of all, you can perform the exercise while watching TV.

Simply follow the instructions on the video and give it a go, you will need to practice  but the full series of progression is in the clip so feel free to hone each aspect of the exercise at a time then layer it up with the following bit until you are able to complete the full movement.

remember to keep your tummy muscles pulled in, breath shallow and move slowly and deliberately until sorted, then move like you always wanted to be a blurr.

Have a great workout