Sunday, 22 February 2015

Your self help book for A Positively Healthier Lifestyle - (Belfast Life Coach)

It's time for some honest and practical solutions which empower you to free yourself [from dogma] and be yourself.... 

What's the book about?

The easy to read book is all about aiding in you feeling better informed about the health and fitness industry and your relationship with it, in addition to the other factors which drives your sense of who you are.
For example, you come to understand that it isn't you who's at fault when a diet does not work, or a fitness class seems infective etc, you don't need to bend over backwards to do something that you end up enduring, instead, you're encouraged to do the stuff that you enjoy.
You are not a maxhine with preset 'buttons', you are a highly complex, fantastically unique individual who has a unique life to live... so... how about breaking free from the chains of what you may feel to be the expectations, and embrace your brilliance in being yourself :)

How can it help you?

Firstly you realise that there are many more options available to you in the drive to your positive discovery of yourself by helping you explore alternative routes to a happier more upbeat, happier and more complete sense of who you are and what you can achieve.

You could benefit by changing how you priorities particular aspects of your life.
Suddenly understand why you do certain things
You might be relieved to learn that the diet is at fault, not you
Your well-being might well be enhanced with a few tweaks to your life
Personal confidence can increase
Plus so much more..

Is it a good buy for you?

If it helps you to make changes that better fit you and as a result of this you live a happier more confident life then, yes it is...

The book is also very handy if you're about to embark on life coaching, as it 'centres' you quite nicely.

Ultimately, if you want to feel more positive, motivated and more satisfied with your life and the choices you make then buy it....

The book is available globally via Amazon (just search for it in your native Amazon store).
You can purchase it as an e-book or paperback, both options are great.

Buy the Book here 
£5.41 - paperback
£1.99 - e-format

The self help Journal 
£4.00 paperback

By; Mark McIntyre
Belfast Life Coach

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