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Positively Confident Weight control and loss groups in Belfast

It's time to take a fresh look at how weight loss and weight control groups are done in Belfast.... so ;

Break free the shackles of weigh-in and embrace the freedom of enhanced positivity and a greater sense of self

Would you like to enjoy worry free weight control ?
Would you like to enjoy enhanced positivity ?
Would you like to enjoy incredible confidence ?
Would you like to enjoy new beneficial habits ?
Would you like to enjoy a larger circle of friends ?
Would you like to enjoy an enhanced social life ?
If you want to enjoy all those things (and more) then read on?

The weekly positivity meetups  are designed to help you solve the underlying factors which contribute to why you feel the way you do, about yourself. Those factors might include ;
  • Body weight
  • Body shape
  • Energy
  • Fitness
  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Well-being

Say goodbye to compulsory weigh-ins and being spoken 'at' relentlessly about fat, instead, you can now choose to embark on a course which enables you to identify and effectively tackle 
the root causes of your personal challenges, these may well include weight loss aims, whatever your overall aim, you achieve it through greater positivity, confidence and the enhanced personal belief, understanding that you have the power to greatly affect the changes you want.

What are the groups?

Positive Weight Loss Groups are set in informal surroundings such as community centres, caf├ęs, hotel spa, country pubs etc,   and feel more like a weekly social get-together with friends rather than a stuffy fat club, or other such group.
Positively Confident offers you a completely non judgemental and encouragingly constructive service which activates a number of switches for the overall aim of you feeling really happy, physically and mentally stimulated, informed and upbeat. (ready to take on the world)
Your Positivity group is generally split into 4 main elements, ,though these evolve with the flow of the group, this maintains your interest and offers you a much more dynamic service.

The meetups are 100% inclusive to all, regardless of physical agility etc
You just need to be able to get to the group

The journal allows you to record a number of elements concerning your daily life allowing you to look back at your achievements. Additional 
journals are available for £4.00. 
Or purchase directly from your group mentor.

Each meetup covers 4 elements over 45 minutes:

Element 1: Meet and greet new members
Time to purchase a coffee or juice, or pour a cuppa where available.
During this time you hand me any forms that you may have been asked to complete.
Also, a great time to get to know each other and make new friends.

2: Diet and nutrition to aid in your goals
Q&A about best practice dependant on personal goal
Swapping hints and tips to group members
Receiving some personal advisories in your journal.

3: Physical activity

Physical activity is key to elevating the sense of achievement from a heightened heart rate, the feel good vibe is a driver for enhanced well-being too, during this aspect, we discuss ideal routes for you along with some motivational talks on attaining more from physical activity.

4: Confidence and motivational coaching
The end aspect is all about discussing the factors which may be inhibiting your positivity.
By helping you extract a range of solutions, you take ownership of an issue rather than that issue taking ownership of you.
At the end of this section, everyone will set themselves a modest target for the week, whether this is weight or trying a new food or even doing some more exercise in the week etc.
A great way to feel empowered, set up to achieve achieve achieve !

So four elements, ensuring you stay in your new found element and feel positively charged, encouraged and absolutely motivated for the coming week .

Where and when

The Positivity Meetups are held in a number of areas, for more details, select your area below;
To get a place, visit the website and complete the enquiry form (bottom of every page)

Belfast : North Queen Street Community Centre

As advertised on the website
You can try for free

Make a positive investment in yourself and start helping yourself now ;
Additional positivity Journals  £4
A Positively Healthier Lifestyle (paperback) £7.00 or £1.99 for mobile devices
(free from the Amazon library)

By; Mark McIntyre
PositivelyConfident Belfast Healthier Lifestyle Coaching
1onOne Personal Training Northern Ireland
Belfast Bootcamping outdoor group fitness

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