Monday, 20 October 2014

A failure to appreciate - Belfast Life Coach

Appreciate what you have, and build on it, appreciate your position in life and in the world, only then can you start to grow.

Life on its own is to be appreciated, so as you're reading this, that's a positive start.

There are people who cynically dismiss retraining the mind, learning new approaches and striving for better, to them I say, book me and as a priority, right now.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Belfast Bootcamping Mudders at Tough Mudder Dublin Ireland 2014 - 4 October 2014

Some found the green mile (movie) to be shocking, but that's nothing on the Tough Mudder challenge.
Read the no frills, no holds barred kiss and tell blog on the horror, the torment and the satisfaction from training to competition... 

Monday, 30 June 2014

Belfast Bootcamping Mudders - Preparation to Dublin Tough Mudder Competition with Belfast Bootcamp and Transform

Tough Mudder is 12 miles of fingernail breaking hell, there's mud, there's sweat, there is the chance that we will get muddy and sweaty at the same time,, but we shake off such threats to cleanliness in the single minded goal of finishing the 'race'...

This is the story of how we completed the course, starting with 22 increasingly challenging Mudder specific training sessions before the race even starts.

25/04/2014 - The challenge has begun

It's all too easy to scroll through this page and think... core blimey, that's a lot of workouts, well yes there are, and these workouts are all specific to the goal, that being to run an enjoyable Tough Mudder knowing that we have prepared, prepared and prepared some more... We will start together and finish together and do whatever it takes in the middle bit to make sure we all succeed.
Tough Mudder and the Bootcamp in Belfast
Tough Mudder is made up of 12 miles of pain - we will train for 14 miles of hell
Tough Mudder is upper body intensive - we will become Herculean
Tough Mudder fatigues every muscle fibre - we will attain higher thresholds
Tough Mudder is designed to scare - we will become fearless

Bootcamping Mudders is looking for additional team members
As of the 25/04/2014 we have seven members
The cut off to join is the 1st May 2014
Mudder training is free for Belfast Bootcamping members
Or £10 per session on payg

To wrap this bit up, this training programme will get everyone involved into the best shape of their lives, I'm talking world class athletic prowess, more balls than a meat ball factory and more courage than a pride of lions... This is life defining stuff.

Enjoy the Bootcamping Mudders journey, when you see the group, give them a cheer.
Feel free to comment on this blog.
If you're in Belfast and you're reading this instead of getting stuck in, I have just one statement;
Stop living a life of self imposed limitation?

01/05/2014 - The official mudder team

Bootcamping Mudders is a closed and exclusive group for the truly determined, that being, for the following people only.
If you're name isn't here then you have missed the boat, these people are officially winners from today onwards;


+ facebook page fans had the opportunity, but they blew it!
70 + voucher holders had the opportunity to achieve awesome, but you blew it

6 x people took the challenge
that's only 0.002% of the entire population of Belfast !

If you want in on the team at this stage then the onus is on you to prove that you're in the top 0.002% and worthy of the free additional event specific training, otherwise, sign up for the 2015 training programme for whatever the next mile stone happens to be, whether it's a marathon or  triathlon etc  :D

The training days
This is what its all about

03/05/2014 - Session 1 of 22 at Hazelbank
60 minutes -
General session to test overall physical fitness to total fatigue
Multiple elements including some rocky horrors, shore will be a beach of a workout !

Blogger decided to delete the long funny and witty report from this session, well, I say blogger, it was probably me while trying to correct a small error as i edited via my phone... slightly painful, but hey, the best way to find out what's going on is to be part of the team :D

A quick overview
This session included getting our rocks off on the beach, shore it was touch, but when it comes to this much fun, tide and time waits for no man or woman :D
Attended by Karen, Christina, Claire, Will, Stephanie and Mark

10/05/2014 - Session 2 of 22 at Shawsbridge

60 minutes -
Upper body based
Ground work biased
Utilising the environmental challenges
Grass burns and filthy parts in the game of strengthening resolve and hearts

Blogger decided to trash the long funny and witty report from this session, well, I say blogger, it was probably me while trying to correct a small error as i edited via my phone... slightly painful, but hey, the best way to find out what's going on is to be part of the team :D

A quick overview though
This one included lots of rope pulling, tugging, throwing, dragging and then more of that with kettlebells attached to the ends of the rope too... quite a leg trembling experience, especially this early on a Saturday morning...

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Positively Confident Weight control and loss groups in Belfast

It's time to take a fresh look at how weight loss and weight control groups are done in Belfast.... so ;

Break free the shackles of weigh-in and embrace the freedom of enhanced positivity and a greater sense of self

Monday, 14 April 2014

Fitness takes effort - 1onOne Belfast Mobile Personal Trainer

This post is about highlighting some of the reasons I've been given over the years from clients as to why they delayed adopting a healthier lifestyle;
You might be able to identify with some of them...

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Adjusting perception to your reinvention - Positively Confident Lifestyle Coaching

Reinvention can  can be a global phenomena or something much more personal, otherwise known as a rebirth or a re-imagining, the unfortunate thing here is that it is generally seen exclusively as a 'spiritual' thing or the pursuit of a 'hippy'  who has smoked one to many herbal tea bags.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Core! What is it good for? Stronger Abs and defined tummy

You will love our core conditioning program as we use many of your favourite abdominal exercises and then amaze you with some new and funky routines that are completely new to you.

Core exercise is really important because it builds the framework for your body to be able to meet the physical demands of working your body at a higher level with significantly less risk of injury... great core foundations help you to achieve more, of course a well defined mid section also looks great, your clothes fit better and you feel much more confident too.

Of course it isn't just sit ups, but a whole rage of movements, some of them you would be amazed at how easy they look but more amazed at how effectively they work, you know... that really pleasant burn sensation, the muscular fatigue which kicks in and the uncontrollable shaking of your body as you attempt to hold your positions for a second longer than the last time you did them...

Core conditioning helps to strengthen and define the tummy area too... to help you with this, i'm really happy to help guide you with the foods to avoid and those which you could embrace a little more ... you might be amazed at some of the answers.

Either way... visit the website and book your free fitness consultation
I wish you luck, success and happiness :D

Fitness consulation with the Belfast 1onOne Personal Trainer

Advanced personal training for your personal  aspirations.

Start with a consultation

With  1onOne Personal Training services you receive an unrivalled level of dedicated and personalised fitness service.

I thrive on you hitting your goals, whatever they may be.
You will love the level of service you receive.

Benefit from
Home based Consultation
Personalised nutrition guidance

Body MOT and analytic
Regular assessments

Of course you most likely have highly specific goals which might include competition preparation, getting back your pre-natal shape or as a way to detune from the stresses of the day, whatever your circumstances or reasons, you will achieve more from your service.

I have found that many clients like multi pack plans, this keeps them  focused on their objective, although you're perfectly welcome to take ad-hoc session too, ultimately it is your choice, but the the plans come with more goodies.

Get in touch (below) and I will get you started with a free fitness consultation, over coffee and a chunk of cake...

By; Mark McIntyre
PositivelyConfident Belfast Helathier Lifestyle Coaching
1onOne Personal Training Northern Ireland
Belfast Bootcamping outdoor group fitness

Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Crucifix Crunch - Belfast Personal Trainer and Bootcamp workouts

 The Crucifix crunch is a play on the standard situp with additional elements to add an extra dimension and additional function to that movement...

The crucifix crunch combines 3 elements.
1. The Situp
2. Improved Posture
3. Rotation
you can add further elements to this, ie, you could have a small weight in each hand in the form of cables at a gym or the use of kettle bells etc, this then presents a 4th element of resistance into the mix...

Watch the video to see what i mean... I value your feedback so do give it..



Alt leg dynamic Plyometric Pressups - Belfast Bootcamping / Personal Training

So, a bit of a mouthful by name but don't let that put you off, if ever there were a compound exercise guaranteed to tire you more than dunlop, then this is it...

I will give a quick descriptive then simply watch the video and duplicate the move... (I laid awake last night trying to think of something new then had a eurika moments befor my alarm went off to get up!)

1. Start in the standard pressup position (Pressing all the way though the movements)
2. Move your feet forwards until at the shoulder press
3. Raise one leg off the ground and swap legs when you complete each rep
4. When you swap legs drive your body upwards leaving the ground.
5. Continue until failure
6. Rest for 1 minute and repeat

Watch the video here....

Demand more from your Personal Trainer !


Tube Shoulder Raise - Belfast Bootcamp / Personal Fitness Instruction

By increasing the integrity of your shoulders the performance in many sporting events.
Not only that but your body regains some balance, you enjoy improved posture and gait all thanks to the kinetic chain, ie, encouraging your body to run as one entity as opposed to a collection of parts.

This is a basic movement and there will be complex variations in due course.

Watch the video

Demand more from your Personal Trainer !


Tube Shoulder Press - Belfast Bootcamping / Personal Trainer

To exert a foce above yourself may not seem the most ideal thing in your world however think of when you last had to put something on a shelf (Or remove it for that matter), if the weight took you by suprise then by building the strength and resilience of your shoulder muscles you will enhance the body's functional range of motion, making that action easier.

Take a look at the video, get the kit and duplicate the exercise, this is a very basic movement to get you going and will become more complex in due course.

Watch the video

Demand more from your Personal Trainer !


Tube Reverse Fly's - Belfast Bootcamping / Personal Training

A great exercise to train the middle back muscles in a way that can be difficult to achieve without the tubes (When in a home environment).

The tubes make this a relatively safe exercise and you will feel a burning sensation in your middle back and notably in your shoulders too.

This is a great exercise to pull your body back a little....

Watch the Video

Demand more from your Personal Trainer !


Tube Upright Row - Belfast Bootcamping 1 to 1 Personal Training

 Have a go of this workout by following the instructions in the video, the exercise is great for working the upper back muscles, why would you want to do that though?

The shoulders, back and most other muscles that you dont see in the mirror or on the beach tend to be left out of the everyday routines that people may do at home, purely because you cant see them.

The benefits of working these muscles are improved posture and improved muscular balance by simply pulling the shoulders back a little.

Watch the video

Demand more from your Personal Trainer !


Tube Bicep Curls - Belfast Bootcamping / Personal Training

  We all know and love the biceps don't we... well what an easy way to get them working, an exercise that you can do while just standing pretty much anywhere... post office queue or waiting at the checkout etc... ideally though try doing it at home
Watch the Video

Demand more from your Personal Trainer !

By; Mark McIntyre
PositivelyConfident Belfast Helathier Lifestyle Coaching
1onOne Personal Training Northern Ireland
Belfast Bootcamping outdoor group fitness


Squats with Belfast Bootcamping and Personal Training

The Squat

This is maybe the most straightforward compound movement that anyone can do, however it's also one of the moveements that many people get wrong, the correction takes approx. 5 seconds and makes a world of difference, the entire instruction takes but a moment.

All you need to do to carry out a well postured squat;

1. Stand up with feet shoulder width apart
2. Arms up and parallel to the ground, one hand on top of the other
3. bend your knees as though you are going to sit down
4. stop when your knees are bent 90 degrees
5. Straighten your legs

If your heels leave the gounds then the quick tip is simple ;

Raise your big toe off the ground, this ensures your weights remains on your heels and your body miraculousy in most cases adopts the correct posture for this movement.

Simply repeat the whole process a set number of times, the dynamics of the exercise can be changed by varying the speed of the movement, adding weight and adjusting other factors which we will go into, what i will say is try doing it with your eyes closed and notice how yuor body attempts to restrict your freedom of movement.

Enjoy and happy exercising

Mark McIntyre
The Personal Trainer - Book me via the website below...


Lunge and Rotation - Belfast Bootcamping group fitness classes

The lunge and rotation exercise is a fantastic sports conditioning exercise that requires the sports person to suddenly stop while twisting around to then potentially deliver some degree of power through the arms, so think, racquet sports in particular where this pattern is repeated for pretty much every hit with more demand demand being placed on application of power via rotational forces as the volley continues.

Stop starting is key in many other sports too.

So, the exercise

Also, keep yourself updated on Helen's progress here...


Basic Lunge - Belfast Bootcamp outdoor fitness instruction

The Lunge is a very basic movement however, it is really important to get it right. It defies belief that in gyms in particular lots of people get this basic wrong, the biggest error is in either not bending the knee of the trailing leg (The one at the back) or driving the bent knee into the ground... both errors can lead to injury.

Watch the video for the best way to do it

This is always a good exercise to practice to increase your basic stability, this exercise can be readily progressed onto more challenging movement patterns, however, getting it right form here forms the basis of the 'sexier' exercises.

Also, keep yourself updated on Helen's progress here...


Cycling Abdominals - Belfast Bootcamping / Personal Training

Welcome to the Cycling exercise, this exercise is ideal for those who need to work in a cardiovascular and challenging way without too much impact, now as this is zero impact it is a great little workout for anyone.

Watch the video and follow, all you need is enough room on the floor to lie down and about 1 minute to practice, once you have done that then feel free to do it in the fresh food section of Tesco's
(If you do then send in a photo of you doing it)

The Video

How did that feel then? do remember to keep your head back when raising your shoulders of the ground.. increase the intensity on the abs by raising your shoulders up higher and / or moving your legs faster..

I hope you enjoyed your workout today.

Have a fantastic workout and book me for 'in person' Personal Training or coaching online.

Adductor and Quad Squats - Belfast Bootcamp group fitness Personal Training

This exercise combines the basic squat movement with the adductor, by alternating between the two positions you excite more of the musculature around the legs.

Watch the video and follow it to feel for yourself just how it works for you.

Press Play

So, with a little more progression we can start achieving more from your workout, hitting more areas of the body... it's all about working out smarter!

Have a fantastic workout and book me for 'in person' Personal Training or coaching online.

Also, keep yourself updated on Helen's progress here...


Hamstring Stretch with Belfast Bootcamp with bootcamping

Hamstring Stretch

The stretch performed here is a maintenance stretch only, that's to say that it only services to help you retain the range of movement that you had prior to doing the exercise, you may enjoy some extended range of movement for a limited time afterwards though.

Simply follow the video and the commentary...

Have a fantastic workout and book me for 'in person' Personal Training or coaching online.

Also, keep yourself updated on Helen's progress here...


Adductor Squats - with Belfast Bootcamping and 1onOne Personal Training

Adductor Squats

The Adductor squat  can be done in two main ways, static or more dynamic... why not cover both?

The first involves starting in a normal squat position (see the teach on squats here)
The difference here is that you have your toes pointed outward with your knees following suit.

In the more dynamic version you adopt the same stance, however in this version you move your feet away from each other then back together again, squatting between small movements of the feet.

Have a fantastic workout and book me for 'in person' Personal Training or coaching online.

Also, keep yourself updated on Helen's progress here...


Vertical Pressup - Belfast Bootcamping / Personal Training

So guys (and some girls) you want the guns !
You want arms that are strong and look fantastic !
There is little that develops your arms as quickly as forcing them to keep you upright, your body's natural goal is to ensure you do not fall over.

The Vertical Pressup isn't for the light hearted, seriously, if you have a heart condition or have just eaten then do not do this exercise !

The Vertical pressup must be performed by a wall , you must warm up prior to the main event, what better to warm up for a pressup than by doing a , well... a pressup  !

The Vertical Pressup Video

1. Position yourself near a wall
2. Do several standard presses
3. Perform several shoulder presses
4. Raise your legs up the wall, walk back with your hands, pull your tummy muscles in
5. Compose yourself them descend toward the floor, repeat several times
6. Reverse the procedure as per the video

I look forward to posting the next thrilling exercise clip.

Demand more from your Personal Trainer !


The advanced Stability Single leg Quads - Belfast Bootcamp Outdoor fitness class

Easier than it looks...

For an exercise that you can do at home what better than something to hit multiple parts of the body at the same time, a compound stability exercise that has elements of squat, hip raise, balance, core and the fantastic stabilising results that ensue...

It is quite tough and you will fall over... a lot ! so make sure you do this one either in a padded cell or if you're not stir crazy then do clear some space in whatever room you do the exercise in... cant have you hurting yourself now...

Anyway, enjoy the exercise and feel the benefits at the;

Hip flexors
Spine erector muscles (Lower back predominantly though )

By; Mark McIntyre
PositivelyConfident Belfast Helathier Lifestyle Coaching
1onOne Personal Training Northern Ireland
Belfast Bootcamping outdoor group fitness

Belfast BootCamp Fitness workout 28th August 2010

Saturday 28th August 2010 

Watch the 3 videos, I have reduced the editing as much as possible but enough is there to give you a real flavour of the classes.. I hope you enjoy...

If you want to have a go then get in touch or just pop down.

Your first week is free! how else would you try it?
So, enjoy the video, and remember that the classes are for adults, therefore the humour is also quite adult at times too... If any part does offend you then press the stop button, this stops you from being offended more.


Time to burn ? Embrace fitness with Belfast Bootcamping / Personal Training

Life can sometimes be a series of excuses, bouncing from one desperate excuse after another is the most counter-productive thing you can do, so break that cycle, get positive, motivated and feel the burn baby... yeeaaahhhhh!!!!.

1. I don't have time to exercise
OK, lets break this down
a. There are 168 hours per week
b. You only need to exercise for about 3 hrs per week to build on your fitness
c. That's 1.78% of the time available each week, but OK you have to sleep and you work... you still have 55 hours left, so we're now talking only 6 ish % now... is that still too much? seriously...
Lets put this into context, if you watch the soaps on a journey to obesity and coronary heart disease then you invest 12% of your time to killing yourself (Sounds harsh but there we are) ! 

6% of your spare time to live longer, be fitter and healthier
12% of your spare time spent becoming obese and then dying young.

'I don't have time' is actually code for;
I cant be bothered, while asking, 'does my bum looks big in this?'

2. My kids keep me fit.
Your kids keep you occupied and busy, while I'm sure you enjoy the company and the thrill of pushing prams, picking up toys and trying not to fall down the stairs every morning, fitness requires something that challenges you more on a physical level, besides, you still need 'me' time in the company of adults too...
Whether male or female, your body will adapt to the demands of looking after children and the muscular stimulus of switching on a games system soon fails to have a positive effect.
infact, with my services you can bring baby with you for your daytime workouts !

3. I have a Wii
What a fantastic toy!
The fitness games are a novelty I'm sure, a great party piece, but that is it.
a. If you are already able to self motivate then you don't need the Wii
b. If you can't self motivate then turning the Wii off is all too easy

The fitness journey isn't just physical but also psychological too thanks to the social aspect of 'out there' fitness.
As your shape form and function is enhanced your view of the world changes, you become more confident.. having people urging you on and always supporting you provides a dimension that a lump of plastic can never replicate regardless of the canned cheers in the games.

Showing off, succeeding, achievement, motivation, teamwork, social interaction, laughing, chatting, sweating, and many other elements all contribute to the progress you make.

4. I can take a diet pill or follow a slimslow diet
You're right, you can, and then you become addicted to them, some people even develope eating disorders as a consequence, this isn't good.
The diet pill or slimslow  also discourages you from learning about foods that actually work for you, you miss out on so much that a more active approach can offer; the opportunity to make new mates, the laughs and the sense of satisfaction of achieving your goals.

5. It's really tough
Yes it is and exercise is a hot sweaty business...
Most of my clients come to me because they experience fantastic results, some people come along for reasons only known to them (I dare not ask), those positive results are derived from  hard work, sweat and groans, they come from determination and self discipline to workout in the real world with all the challenges that mother nature presents us with.
Results come from being challenged not from watching sex in the city while on a treadmill that you just drove to the gym to then run on the spot on.
What you put in you get out. the equation really is that basic.

6. I cant afford it!
This point can be much more valid I guess, but in my experience, about 90% of those who state they cannot afford a healthier lifestyle manage to routinely cram in take outs, alcoholic evenings out  etc.. for the 10% who have genuine issues you should speak to your coach and let them know, most good coaches will come up with a positive solution for you..

7. Somebody else has an offer..
Somebody else always will, but, before racing off to the sunset shaking your money bags, just think about how long it takes to find something that you enjoy and that actually works for you. Saving a few quid can be short sighted if all you end up doing is bouncing in a dissatisfied manner from one service to the next, besides, as with everything you really do get what pay for..

I offer a phenomenal level of service that goes way beyond the expectations of even the hardest to please, and i do everything possible to help you, a level of support that's tough to find.

To sum up...
The bottom line here is that getting fit isn't only about preparing for competition, it isn't always about the last warning from your GP either....
Exercising and maintaining fitness allows you to do all the things you want to do  for longer, it means you can wear the clothes you really like, it just requires 6% of your free time.


Alligator Pressups with Belfast Bootcamping and Advanced Personal Training

A fantastic variation of a pressup because it hits all the right muscles, creates a pleasant pull on your chest, tension on the shoulders, a lovely burning of the triceps and you feel your biceps getting some work too...

This is pretty much one of the best compound funky pressups you can do... i have some more dynamic versions of this and they will come soon enough...

Take a look at the video here

You might notice that i'm a tad knackered looking , I filmed this same bit about 20 times  due the camera angle being weird etc, this was the final take after doing about 200 + of these presses in total over about 2 hours, at which point I just went with it...


Glute Stretch - Fitness Instruction with Belfast Bootcamping mobile Personal Training

Glute Stretch

The glute stretch is one that many people tend to forget, yet it's a tremendous powerhouse of a muscle.. It doesn't have the word 'maximus' attached to it for nothing you know..

Simply follow the video and the commentary...

Have a fantastic workout and book me.

Ab exercise - Crunch - Fingers to knees with Belfast Bootcamp Personal Training

 Crunch - Fingers to knees

This is a really basic way to not only hit the abs head on but then to adapt the exercise to extend that effect over to the obliques. (Sides of your body).

You start off by lying on your back, this should not cause too many problems, after this bend your knees and get comfortable, not overly comfortable now, cant have you falling asleep !...

Place your hands on your thighs and lock out your elbows (Keep your arms straight !) , you also need to remember to keep your head back, this prevents you getting a right old pain in the neck !

Crunch upwards keeping your hands in contact with your thighs, sliding them up and down, ideally your finger tips will reach your knees or go over slightly...

After a few seconds you will start to feel a very pleasant sensation in your tummy, now what you can do is to place both hands on the same thigh and continue.. feel that added bonus in your sides (Obliques) , feels great doesn't it ... Do the same for the other side too...

This exercise works your Abs and obliques great to create core strength and to encourage improved shape and tone around the tummy and waist.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrows exercise
I hope you enjoy this exercise.


Yummy mummy Bootcamp Belfast - exercise for you and for baby - catch the workout buggy

So when exactly do you want to lose the baby weight and what are you going to do about it?

Women vary wildly in terms of readiness to exercise post natal, 12 weeks is a very rule of thumb rule in the same rule of thumb way that the average baby should weigh x lbs and the birth should take this long and every pregnancy lasts precisely 9 months and the process of giving birth is always scream inducing pain (as portrayed on every tv program)  !
Having been through all that you will may now believe that rule of thumb does not always apply.

If you have always been physically active then getting into fitness post natal can arguably be achieved well before the 12 week standard period of time, those who have always led a sedentary lifestyle will probably have to wait much longer...

I am sure you are aware of the changes your body went through as you got larger through pregnancy and how this effects you post childbirth, but to put it simply, your body is most likely completely off balance, your tummy muscles are generally weakened and your back muscles comparatively tight, your hips might be off centre and your legs seem bigger than ever. the good news though is that you can see your feet again!

The other bit of good news post natal is that ...
Testosterone levels are higher - turbo charges your ability to work out!
Your cardio-respiritory system has just been freed up - Work harder
There is less pressure on your joints - move more freely
You will feel much lighter - do more
Your circulatory system can relax a bit - less pressure on your heart
Your lymphatic system has an easier time of too - improved and balanced hormonal response

All in all, post natal your body wants to get fitter, it rapidly adopts a state whereby it will quickly burn the excess and be receptive of postural correction, the more quickly you can take advantage of this the better, even if you only go for a walk pushing baby in the buggy...

OK, so you feel fine and you want to exercise... lets suppose you want to do something that isnt part of the cliché but want to challenge yourself cause you actually want to not only lose the baby weight but increase your fitness, enjoy some fresh air while not having to pay for someone to look after baby..

Well, I offer a service which is a ladies only BootCamp and is inclusive of ladies who are in that position.
So what are the benefits of my postnatal inclusive Ladies BootCamp?

1. Baby gets fresh air
Research has shown that babies who spend time outdoors in the fresh air tend to sleep better at night, more readily adopt a feeding schedule, are stimulated by shapes, smells and colours, they develop stronger immune systems for life and are much more content in general than those stuck indoors.
Not only that but research has shown that the neural pathways that are forged for life are working at a frantic rate, normal stimulus of being outdoors, hearing dogs bark, seeing people interact, temperatures, your fantastic coordination, the sensation of speed, the excitement of it all... these experiences arguable give your baby a better start in life than those that don't benefit form this

2. Reduces Post-Natal Depression
One of the factors that can lead to post natal depression is the belief that your life has changed for the worse and for the long term, this can lead to many months of counselling... When you come to my sessions and bring baby, you are bonding, you slowly come to realise that you can still get out there and that it doesn't have to be cliché mummies groups.. .you make new friends and extend your social circle, you make significant achievements and are positively encouraged throughout your journey. The connects that are subsequently made can ease the postnatal depression to a point where you can cope with your new challenges much more effectively.

3. Your personal Fitness
You want to get fitter, you actually feel fine and everything is in place to enable that,so why wait longer than need be.
Remember your body wants to change, it all comes down to willpower and a lifestyle choice...
so do you...
1. listen to baby crying and suffer lack of sleep as baby doesn't want to sleep. You are in a body that's progressively adopting poorer and poor posture and before you know it you're on painkillers for lower back pain then undertake a 'progressive for of fitness' that sees little change in body shape, you end up on roller coaster diets for life.
2. Sign up and turn up to the sessions and bring baby... baby sleeps better, you sleep better, posture improves, lose weight, become stronger and fitter, make new mates and have a great time. 

4. And then there is cost..
I don't charge more for you bringing baby, you just pay for you !
No nursery fees but still getting complete freedom
Real encouragement for the results you want
Real mates
Fresh air
All for the same price as a standard membership

So, get in touch and get started...

Oh, and its all weather, all year...

Obviously if you have medical complications then do take the advice form your gp / doctor.
My take here is that you know you better than anyone else.