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What motivates you to adopt a fitter and healthier lifestyle in Belfast?

It's possible you've hit the 'can’t button my jeans stage' without turning blue, and it's the realisation of that which often spurs positive action.Of course, there might be a whole range of other factors which are pushing you to get into shape, these can include (but not exclusive too); 

1. Getting married – you want to look your best on your big day.
2. Getting divorced – Got to look your best now you’re back 'on the market’.
3. GP warning or suddenly self-aware of the need to adopt a healthier lifestyle
4. New goals in life, i.e., from holidays to wanting to mud races or marathons etc.
5. Just for the fun of it – some people genuinely love exercise, it’s true, honestly! 
This is where you start to go through the usual motions, these motions are generally panic driven and based on achieving the goal in the easiest way possible..... so you 
read the magazines... but the workouts look tough and complex or plain silly, hmmm.. okay, next call is to ask your friends, but they're either still at the stage of hating exercise or they're fitness fruitcakes (as you might call them)... so... what now?

The strangest thing surrounding people getting into a healthier lifestyle is that those in groups 1,2 and 3 (above) will put off the fitness drive until the very last minute, brides to be will expect a 7 stone weight drop in 2 weeks, the newly single are boosting the brewery industry and those with a specific medical need might stumble to a session here and there while eating eat take-out just as frequently as before only to then claim the fitness malarkey isn't working out as hoped :D

Groups 4 and 5 tend to go for it, so yeah, those with the least medical or physiological need are the ones who embrace the healthy lifestyle, groups 1,2 and 3 typically hate 4 and 5

So, the situation so far on your healthier lifestyle journey

* Your needs have been identified - get back into those pesky jeans!
* Your solution has been identified - Eat better and be more active
* the application is tentative - it all seems like hard work?.

Why is applying your identified need for a healthier life so tentative?

First of all, it isn't your fault, well, okay, in part it is, but in the main, it’s more the fault of the massive amount of contradictory information out there, then the're the trends and fashions of exercise, the diet fix and the air-brushed celebs draped over magazine covers, all of which strongly intimate that that's the result you need in order to be a 'worthy' person... this applies to men and women...aarrrghhh !

When people start a healthier lifestyle journey it tends to be based on attending a gym or commencing diet (rarely are they intelligently combined).
Your starting point is generally based on what your friends or work colleagues have tried, in effect you submit yourself to peer pressure and commit to a particular course of action, this typically being of a quick fix dietary nature.... (shake / juice / pill / potion system), based on what they have told...

The fact that you've abandoned your self determination in favour of one size fits all dogma, means that you will likely falter, blame yourself, then do exactly the same thing again and again...There are too many reasons why this is often the case, but I don't have time to go into that here, if you're interested, ask me after a class.

Why do so many choose the diet 'quick fix'
There are many reasons for this.... the most obvious is the notion of a quick fix.... when it all boils down to it, we are as a species instinctively 'lazy', that being, we want the best possible result with the least possible effort. (the same philosophy applies to economies, ie,  boom and bust... aka good times and really dire times... cheerful eh !)

This is where the juice plus, standard diet and shake plans step in... these companies put on a big welcoming smile during the quick fix, but then adopt the grumpy disapproving face when you realise that the quick fix turned bad, basically they blame you as do many of the people who are addicted to these products.

By the way, the diet companies, shake and juice plus companies are a business, they clearly consider profit before your wellbeing...
Given the health claims of these products, they should be carefully prescribed by medical experts, the fact of the matter is, their is zero independently verified evidence that juice systems are any more effective than placebo.
(the companies own 'in house' research teams state they're incredible though)

But why are people choosing a dogma diet over physical activity.
Buying pre-packaged diet foods is tactile, there's a direct relationship, a stimulus, an instant recognition and the sense of achievement of buying the claimed 'healthier' foods, which due to denying the 'real' version of the food you enjoy, you of course detest, but for now, you believe it's the right thing to do, because a [profit making] diet company told you so!

In time, the diet falters and over time old 'habits' return, this instills a sense of failure in many people and can become the precursor to eating disorders...

Of course, in the name of making a point i’m keeping this really simple, to start on every scenario based on the nuances of every individual’s range of personal circumstances would take longer than the age of the sun, and a blog that takes 5 billion years to read is no fun... im sure this is going on long enough... :)

Okay, how do we break the cycle of trying and reverting and so on, only to end up as a battenberg cake munching deeply cynical mad old cat person?

The best way to break the cycle is to do something completely new, and something new that you've taken ownership of, this something new might be an ambitious personal challenge such as a crazy mud race or a marathon or even setting out to climb the highest peaks in the world, but it has to be something that genuinely excites you.

That genuine excitement will drive the personal journey in order to get there....
What you need to get there is a fitness / lifestyle service which encourages you and does not judge you, a fitness service which offers you great results and offers you fantastic experiences which are head and shoulders above your expectations...

Bootcamping is the original and best outdoor fitness / lifestyle service, this is due to the fact that you have so much diversity within the sessions, this includes kayaking, running, hiking., rope work, buddy training, power, team work, games, adventures, crazy sessions, relaxing session and so on.... basically... you never know what to expect and this maintains a positive 'anxiety' , otherwise known as excitement :)

The main benefits of 'mixing it up'
You become physically fit to face the world less prone to injury.You become more confident and feel better able to face personal challenge.You become more motivated to do the things that are important to you* You become more informed and as such more empoweredYou become the you you know you're meant to be!

Bootcamping in Belfast (and NI) offers
* Daily group workouts for all fitness abilities (try for free)
Weekly Active Nutrition groups - Impartial and relevant to you* Muddy Mental - 'extreme' workouts that add extra oomph !* Runner Nutter - Advanced running coaching* Adventure training experiences :) Genuine 24 / 7 support to ensure you’re personal success

The first step is yours, but after that I make it my mission to help you you to all the successes you set out to achieve

When you decide to take your first (free) step.... visit…

Whatever you do in the end, I wish you luck :) 

By; Mark McIntyre

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