Saturday, 15 February 2014

100 pressup challege with Belfast Bootcamp fitness and personal training

BootCamping in Belfast wants to get you fitter!
So, try a challenge and attend my classes :D

Challenge one

100 pressup challenge

Time to goal
30 days

Time for each attempt
15 mins

Upper body strength and improving physical endurance, also rather good for the core and makes the teeth whiter too... :D

The blurb
 Pressups are an incredibly accessible exercise which directly enhances the pecs and the triceps, you feel and notice the benefits faster than many other body weight based exercises.
The sequence
The end goal is to complete 100 pressups in one go, this can seem a bit daunting at first so this is broken down into daily fun sized chunks, starting with a modest 10 pressups.... kind of :D

Perform ten pressups
rest 60 seconds
Ten pressups
Rest 60 seconds
Repeat this until you have completed 100 pressups
Each day cut off 2 seconds from the rest period.
You can repeat this 1 to 3 times per day. (morning and night is always good)

(If you can't do 10 pressups then start with 5 or choose a number you can do with ease, aim for more than one though, then take the rest period and carry on until you complete 100 - it will just take a few mins longer)

How does this work?
You may feel that this starts of rather gently, stick with it, try not to race ahead, impossible goals are often achieved via a series of very easy steps.

During the course of this challenge your body will adapt in order to make the movement easier, these adaptations result in visual toning and appreciably greater strength.

It's really important to point out that the rest period is vital, this gives your muscles time to settle, rest and recover (albeit briefly).
From about week 3, you will be really feeling it, but persevere.

Cutting 2 seconds from the rest period each day means that in 30 days you will be able to push 100 reps in one go ! 

Involve a mate and keep each other going, the winner gets free pizza, the second winner gets to pay for it :D

Good luck and join the facebook page so you can let us know how you're getting on...

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