Saturday, 15 February 2014

Ab exercise - Crunch - Fingers to knees with Belfast Bootcamp Personal Training

 Crunch - Fingers to knees

This is a really basic way to not only hit the abs head on but then to adapt the exercise to extend that effect over to the obliques. (Sides of your body).

You start off by lying on your back, this should not cause too many problems, after this bend your knees and get comfortable, not overly comfortable now, cant have you falling asleep !...

Place your hands on your thighs and lock out your elbows (Keep your arms straight !) , you also need to remember to keep your head back, this prevents you getting a right old pain in the neck !

Crunch upwards keeping your hands in contact with your thighs, sliding them up and down, ideally your finger tips will reach your knees or go over slightly...

After a few seconds you will start to feel a very pleasant sensation in your tummy, now what you can do is to place both hands on the same thigh and continue.. feel that added bonus in your sides (Obliques) , feels great doesn't it ... Do the same for the other side too...

This exercise works your Abs and obliques great to create core strength and to encourage improved shape and tone around the tummy and waist.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrows exercise
I hope you enjoy this exercise.


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