Saturday, 15 February 2014

Alt leg dynamic Plyometric Pressups - Belfast Bootcamping / Personal Training

So, a bit of a mouthful by name but don't let that put you off, if ever there were a compound exercise guaranteed to tire you more than dunlop, then this is it...

I will give a quick descriptive then simply watch the video and duplicate the move... (I laid awake last night trying to think of something new then had a eurika moments befor my alarm went off to get up!)

1. Start in the standard pressup position (Pressing all the way though the movements)
2. Move your feet forwards until at the shoulder press
3. Raise one leg off the ground and swap legs when you complete each rep
4. When you swap legs drive your body upwards leaving the ground.
5. Continue until failure
6. Rest for 1 minute and repeat

Watch the video here....

Demand more from your Personal Trainer !


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