Saturday, 15 February 2014

Belfast group fitness and personal training with oomph ! - Try for free

BootCamping in Belfast
Achieve more in less time group fitness is based on the very best aspects of the positive mental attitudes with the military approach of achieving any goal.

 We present you with the tools you require to achieve, so  whether this is making massive improvements to your fitness, shedding non lean weight or ensuring you have the edge in your competitive sports, you know you will do it.

We offer you an advanced and scientific approach to measure your progress and maintain a positive journey that exceeds your wildest expectations. .

Great service is timeless...

Main features of your  Fitness experience

+ Groups 

* First session is free
* Ensures the highest quality fitness service possible in a group

* Access to all group workouts
* Discounts for students and front line public sector

* Start anytime 

+ Detail option

* First week is free (when paying online)
* A 1to1 fitness consultation and full body MOT
* Access to all group workouts

* Allows the service to be moulded to match your aspirations
* We even buy you a coffee :D
* to join pay via cash  (in person) or card on the site

+ Personal Training
* Start with a fitness consultation
* I come to you any where in or around Belfast
* Low cost - high effect
* Personal sessions from just £24

In summery
1. No contracts - come and go as you please
2. Low cost fees - high quality results
3. Incredible value for money
4. Enjoy your amazing results

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  1. Pinterest, is looking for pictures that motivate me to stay on my healthy path. Everyday I find a picture or a quote that pushes me to choose healthier eating options and to hit the gym, even when I'd rather stay at home and fall asleep.