Saturday, 15 February 2014

Cycling Abdominals - Belfast Bootcamping / Personal Training

Welcome to the Cycling exercise, this exercise is ideal for those who need to work in a cardiovascular and challenging way without too much impact, now as this is zero impact it is a great little workout for anyone.

Watch the video and follow, all you need is enough room on the floor to lie down and about 1 minute to practice, once you have done that then feel free to do it in the fresh food section of Tesco's
(If you do then send in a photo of you doing it)

The Video

How did that feel then? do remember to keep your head back when raising your shoulders of the ground.. increase the intensity on the abs by raising your shoulders up higher and / or moving your legs faster..

I hope you enjoyed your workout today.

Have a fantastic workout and book me for 'in person' Personal Training or coaching online.

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