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By simply enjoying what you do, you get more... so chill the heck out, frown less and laugh more... 

So why are you looking for fitness (or any) results ? 

There are three key personal realisations when it comes to getting the most from your work out.
You're likely thinking that this should make it easy right ?
I mean, it kind of goes with the song, easy as ABC easy as 1,2,3 etc... but with only 3 stages it's amazing how many people get it all so needlessly mixed up, here's why...

1. Starting

When you're starting out you will most likely have the end goal in your mind, this goal will in part be determined by social factors, especially if they are body weight, shape or fitness based.

It may well seem that keeping the end goal in mind is a good idea to maintain focus, however, it can also result in viewing that same end goal as being really daunting, especially if you're setting out to do something without really knowing why you're doing it.. This is partly due to our modern day expectations of 'instant', or because of celebs based pressure, that being, if they can go from post natal to cat walk or from chunk to hunk in half an hour, then i must be able to do that too, or i'm a failure !

Over a relatively short time scale, your goal can seem so daunting that your next thought process is 'How do I delay this until i'm ready?' , this is usually answered with 'i'll start next week' etc...

If the goal is genuinely important to you, you would start it right now... however,once that delaying tactic creeps in, you then inevitably start the thought process that this superficially important goal, is now beyond the scope of your abilities, at this point you slump on the sofa, put the telly on and moot about how little time you have to workout. (justifying your actions).

In short, you had a great idea then talked yourself out of it when you actually considered the effort required. 

When starting on your fitness journey you might be better to completely disregard what your end objective is, this can be easier said than done though eh, especially if you're addicted to those scales!

If you have a time critical goal such as losing 3 stone in 6 weeks, you might find it tremendously difficult to disregard the end goal, the resultant pressure could well lead to more emotional eating and alcohol consumption than when you started, preventing the very success that you want.

Then there's the time where you start undermining yourself once you have got going by thinking,  'I should have started sooner', you have to catch this straight away then put it out of your mind, otherwise you will end up demoralised and stopping.

While you may be right in that you should have started sooner, the only solution is to realise that as you can't go back in time you have 2 options open to you ;
1. You can either work harder
2. Re-set the realistic time to success.

Being realistic is a positive thing... Setting attainable targets within an achievable time-frame re-enforces the positive change you want through the reward reflex.. in this case.. your successes.. this then motivates you to continue... effort results reward etc.

All progress, even when perceived to be slow  is still progress.

2. Continue

Keeping yourself motivated while you're struggling to maintain your efforts, then seeing others seemingly prance about in body perfection with little apparent effort, all  while you're sweating your nether regions off just to lose a gram of body fat can be a tough feeling to overcome.

Quite often, especially within the slim industry, you get thrown in your face other peoples achievements, this is often the way, 'well done Lucy, you lost 2 pounds', that statement indicating success... This may then be followed by.. 'oh.. hmmm, did you have a bad week!', this statement often re-enforces the sense of personal despair, failure and compounds the sense that maybe you're not good enough.
All of that that can be a bit much for some to bare  and giving up then becomes the dominant thought, overriding the goal itself.

This constant comparing to other people can be seriously detrimental, the only person that counts in attaining your goals is you and by measuring your progress you can better gauge your performance.

3. Realise
For those goals which are fitness based, once you stop constantly comparing and over-thinking about the goal itself, with all the pressure which ensues, you realise that choosing to simply enjoy the journey delivers more, you discover that with a methodical approach, hard work, resilience and actually enjoying what you do, the results you want (but no longer over-think about) seem to 'just happen'.

So... what's the point to this?

Exercising under the pressure of achieving your weight loss, toning up or enhancing your performance is usually the least effective way of actually attaining it, the pressure can be destructive to your longevity and overall enthusiasm.

Finding something you enjoy is key, exercising because you benefit in terms of enjoyment, fun (remember that?) and physical challenge  with the reward of great results,  are the positive consequence of doing more of the healthy things that you genuinely enjoy.

Instead of focusing on some arbitrary 'What', try to fully understand the critical 'Why'. The latter keeps you motivated if it's genuinely important to you.

Enjoy your workouts today and your results will happen tomorrow

By; Mark McIntyre
PositivelyConfident Belfast Helathier Lifestyle Coaching
1onOne Personal Training Northern Ireland
Belfast Bootcamping outdoor group fitness


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