Saturday, 15 February 2014

Group Bootcamping and Personal Training in Belfast

A free trial workout with Bootcamping Helping you decide if you want more.

If you do then ;

Pay low rates for amazing service.
Try it.. you will like it and it will improve your entire life :D 

. Visit BootCamping

     . Complete the enquiry form for a free trial
          . If you loved that then sign up online for ;
                 'Corporate' 'Group', 'Detail' or 'Personal' options   
                   . Enjoy without being held to contracts - 
          .               . Or enjoy the flexibility of PAYG

All Bootcamping plans give you ;
Zero contracts 
* Free trial workout
* Low fees

The detail plan for

* Fitness consultation
* Total Body MOT and nutrition guidance
* Personal fitness report

Personal Coaching 

* Personal Training sessions
* Nutrition / Diet / Weight management
* Confidence and Motivational coaching

Workouts are diverse because you are !

You have more of a say of how the classes run in terms style and themes, your direct feedback  before, during and after your workouts means that every session is fluid enough that the format can change in a heartbeat to respond to your demands.

Bottom line.
Everyone gets a great service every single time.

Get started by completing the enquiry form (top left) 

or on the website

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