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New you Fitness journey in 2014 with Belfast Bootcamping

So here we are, nearing the end of a year that seems to have gone in a flash and looking ahead you might be wanting to improve on your health and fitness, build on the improvements you made this year or looking to start out... Whatever it is you're choosing to do.

So, here is my top ten list for all of you who want to improve your fitness.

Before hitting the list it is important for you to think about why you want to get fitter and enjoy improved energy, improved skin and hair, inject more fun into life and live a longer life able with a much stronger immune system and a more forgiving body... once you have done that its worth considering the range of fitness services available from Personal Training through to mixed group classes, enough of that then.. here goes...

1. Start gently
This does seem obvious doesn't it, but you've either taken some time off or you're newly into  exercising, the benefits of a nice gentle start are that you give your body time to respond in order to build the coordination gently thus allowing you to get the most from your workouts...
Starting gently improves the motivation while reducing the risk of injury.

2. Do not give up what you enjoy (Not straight away...)

Any system that is based on denial is doomed to fail, maybe not immediately but eventually you will want what you miss... Clearly smoking and drinking to excess are best tackled but by using proven methods, though some people have astonishing willpower.
Giving up on treats and aspects of a social life that you have always enjoyed are rarely markers for improvement as interest can rapidly fade as a result.
Your new fitness aims should enhance your life, build on it and make it much more enjoyable.

3. Set goals / targets
Probably the hardest part because when you're newly into exercise you feel buzzy, energised and nothing in the world can stop you... perhaps running a marathon in 6 months seems realistic right now, if you already run then it might well be but if your'e new to it then setting targets that are more achievable will keep you motivated, this removes the fear of failure while still offering new challenges.
Methodically advancing your fitness through bite sized goals means that you can look back and see just how amazing you are.

4. Mile stones
When you 're beginning, your milestones happen every day, many of which you may take for granted but all are equally important, examples include

i. Your first workout
ii. First mile run
iii. First group class
iv. When you realise you've just improved your coordination
v. Squatting your own body weight
vi. 5km Fun run etc
vii. Half marathon
viii. Full marathon
ix. Swimming your first 50, 100, 400, 800 meters then a mile.
x. Entering a mini triathlon
xi. Full Triathlon
xii. Iron man

5. Reward
Who are you doing this for ? hopefully for yourself as you are the single most important person in the universe and after all the hard work, after achieving milestones and nearing your targets you need to reward yourself in whatever way you feel is most appropriate, this could be anything from a great night out, a nice meal of all your favourite foods, a holiday, a track day or something as straightforward as a bar of your favourite chocolate, whatever your reward happens to be, it is important, so take time out, acknowledge your achievements and spoil yourself.

6. Remember to recognise your achievements
Incredibly important because as time goes on it becomes easier to lose yourself in what may feel like an unending task where your goals always feel so close yet just out of reach...

Consider the following...
'When you have a kitten it can be difficult to see on a daily basis the kitten turning into an adult cat... clearly this happens as after a few months the cat is suddenly catching birds and leaving gifts... but how did this happen and when ?'

Other people will recognise the changes in you quite readily but but you want to see the changes for yourself can me made easier by...
Display your achievements  put all awards on the fridge, frame them, make a note of them, put then in a diary and when you look back (On those days where your feel a bit demotivated) you will recognise with a shudder just how impressive you really are, this will uge you on in the knowledge that you can attain anything.

8. Embrace change
If it's working then modify it, if it isn't working then change it... but under no circumstances simply repeat the same thing each and every day.

Your body is phenomenal  it adapts quickly in reaction and anticipation to physical stress, and once it's fully adapted it will become extremely efficient at that activity, whether this is lifting weights or running a marathon or doing a group class etc... Mix it up, change, adapt and force your body to find new ways to adapt.
This way you can achieve more...
The window of adaptation is 6 weeks (Less for some people and the more fitness agile you become)

9. Enjoy your results
You're doing the type of fitness you enjoy (hopefully) and you experience positive results ranging from the cliché higher energy, your skin is clear and hair shiny, you're trimmer and fitter than ever, your body shape is either at or close to the goals you set 12 months ago. at this stage your entire outlook on the world may have changed and your confidence in all areas massively improved.
Having a plethora of achievements is hugely empowering, from the fitness based achievements elements to other areas in life including changing relationships and careers as a consequence, the upshot being that you live the life that you want to live, a live that you truly deserve and enjoy.

10. Encourage others
You're now the inspiration that others need in order to change their life, and with this you can have a profound effect on others.. Sharing your experiences further empowers you to advance even further your own fitness, taking that leading role within your circle of friends and colleagues  even blogging to a wider audience is beneficial and can be the catalyst for change in others... There is no better feeling.

You are the change that others want to see within themselves.

I hope you have gained something from reading this blog entry and wish you well with whatever you set out achieve in 2014, Ii for one know you will do brilliantly because you are brilliant ! 


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