Saturday, 15 February 2014

Pressups with Bootcamp and Belfast Personal Training


Yesterday we went through the squat which is a tremendous exercise, it's easy to perform yet offers some good rewards especially when you add in some variation, another great exercise is the pressup, this exercise too has a huge range of flexibility to make it harder, easier, more stimulating, you can work a pressup in such a way that it excites many more muscles than the chest area or arms, it can extend to the shoulders, tummy, obliques (Sides), the scope of options is only limited  by yourself.

To get started the standard pressup - (As per the video)

1. Lie on the ground
2. Pull / suck in your tummy muscles
3. Place your hands on the floor and dig your toes into the floor.
4. Pick your whole body up keeping it as straight as possible - ladies may put their knees on the ground at this point.
5. Lower your chest to about 1 inch off the ground, hold for a moment then push upwards
6. Repeat

Doing one great rep of the exercise has more reward than 2 poor reps so get it right and enjoy the benefits.
Workout smarter feel the results faster

Have a great workout

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