Saturday, 15 February 2014

Squats with Belfast Bootcamping and Personal Training

The Squat

This is maybe the most straightforward compound movement that anyone can do, however it's also one of the moveements that many people get wrong, the correction takes approx. 5 seconds and makes a world of difference, the entire instruction takes but a moment.

All you need to do to carry out a well postured squat;

1. Stand up with feet shoulder width apart
2. Arms up and parallel to the ground, one hand on top of the other
3. bend your knees as though you are going to sit down
4. stop when your knees are bent 90 degrees
5. Straighten your legs

If your heels leave the gounds then the quick tip is simple ;

Raise your big toe off the ground, this ensures your weights remains on your heels and your body miraculousy in most cases adopts the correct posture for this movement.

Simply repeat the whole process a set number of times, the dynamics of the exercise can be changed by varying the speed of the movement, adding weight and adjusting other factors which we will go into, what i will say is try doing it with your eyes closed and notice how yuor body attempts to restrict your freedom of movement.

Enjoy and happy exercising

Mark McIntyre
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