Saturday, 15 February 2014

Time to burn ? Embrace fitness with Belfast Bootcamping / Personal Training

Life can sometimes be a series of excuses, bouncing from one desperate excuse after another is the most counter-productive thing you can do, so break that cycle, get positive, motivated and feel the burn baby... yeeaaahhhhh!!!!.

1. I don't have time to exercise
OK, lets break this down
a. There are 168 hours per week
b. You only need to exercise for about 3 hrs per week to build on your fitness
c. That's 1.78% of the time available each week, but OK you have to sleep and you work... you still have 55 hours left, so we're now talking only 6 ish % now... is that still too much? seriously...
Lets put this into context, if you watch the soaps on a journey to obesity and coronary heart disease then you invest 12% of your time to killing yourself (Sounds harsh but there we are) ! 

6% of your spare time to live longer, be fitter and healthier
12% of your spare time spent becoming obese and then dying young.

'I don't have time' is actually code for;
I cant be bothered, while asking, 'does my bum looks big in this?'

2. My kids keep me fit.
Your kids keep you occupied and busy, while I'm sure you enjoy the company and the thrill of pushing prams, picking up toys and trying not to fall down the stairs every morning, fitness requires something that challenges you more on a physical level, besides, you still need 'me' time in the company of adults too...
Whether male or female, your body will adapt to the demands of looking after children and the muscular stimulus of switching on a games system soon fails to have a positive effect.
infact, with my services you can bring baby with you for your daytime workouts !

3. I have a Wii
What a fantastic toy!
The fitness games are a novelty I'm sure, a great party piece, but that is it.
a. If you are already able to self motivate then you don't need the Wii
b. If you can't self motivate then turning the Wii off is all too easy

The fitness journey isn't just physical but also psychological too thanks to the social aspect of 'out there' fitness.
As your shape form and function is enhanced your view of the world changes, you become more confident.. having people urging you on and always supporting you provides a dimension that a lump of plastic can never replicate regardless of the canned cheers in the games.

Showing off, succeeding, achievement, motivation, teamwork, social interaction, laughing, chatting, sweating, and many other elements all contribute to the progress you make.

4. I can take a diet pill or follow a slimslow diet
You're right, you can, and then you become addicted to them, some people even develope eating disorders as a consequence, this isn't good.
The diet pill or slimslow  also discourages you from learning about foods that actually work for you, you miss out on so much that a more active approach can offer; the opportunity to make new mates, the laughs and the sense of satisfaction of achieving your goals.

5. It's really tough
Yes it is and exercise is a hot sweaty business...
Most of my clients come to me because they experience fantastic results, some people come along for reasons only known to them (I dare not ask), those positive results are derived from  hard work, sweat and groans, they come from determination and self discipline to workout in the real world with all the challenges that mother nature presents us with.
Results come from being challenged not from watching sex in the city while on a treadmill that you just drove to the gym to then run on the spot on.
What you put in you get out. the equation really is that basic.

6. I cant afford it!
This point can be much more valid I guess, but in my experience, about 90% of those who state they cannot afford a healthier lifestyle manage to routinely cram in take outs, alcoholic evenings out  etc.. for the 10% who have genuine issues you should speak to your coach and let them know, most good coaches will come up with a positive solution for you..

7. Somebody else has an offer..
Somebody else always will, but, before racing off to the sunset shaking your money bags, just think about how long it takes to find something that you enjoy and that actually works for you. Saving a few quid can be short sighted if all you end up doing is bouncing in a dissatisfied manner from one service to the next, besides, as with everything you really do get what pay for..

I offer a phenomenal level of service that goes way beyond the expectations of even the hardest to please, and i do everything possible to help you, a level of support that's tough to find.

To sum up...
The bottom line here is that getting fit isn't only about preparing for competition, it isn't always about the last warning from your GP either....
Exercising and maintaining fitness allows you to do all the things you want to do  for longer, it means you can wear the clothes you really like, it just requires 6% of your free time.



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