Saturday, 15 February 2014

Tri Dip - Basic - Using a chair with Belfast Bootcamp

Tri Dip - Basic - Using a chair

What a great and easy way to work the triceps with a degree of isolation for that intensified burn, I cant think of anything better right now as I sit here... you know... might just do some... that's better  !

Guys, this is the one that you want for that big hit for the big tri's leading to huge muscle bound arms, the option of variation is substantial, add some weight, make it more dynamic by throwing yourself upwards and catching (Will demonstrate soon enough) .

Ladies, a fantastic quick hit for that tremendous feel good factor, you will see the definition appear in your arms within about 10 days of doing these every day... so... i know you're keen to crack and experience the arms of your dreams...

1. Find a chair and sit on it
2. Move forwards, keep your feet on the ground, grip the edge of the chair with your hands
3. Bend the elbows until your arms are at approx. 90 degrees
4. Hold in the down position very briefly then drive upwards by straightening your arms

All that's left to do is be smug and accept the compliments from your mates - great arms, how did you do that?!

Have another  great workout


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