Saturday, 15 February 2014

Tricep Press - with Bootcamping Belfast and 1onOne Personal Training

 Tri Press - Basic - Using a Chair

Here is a great compound exercise that pretty much anyone can do at home... even if you dont have a chair you can improvise with a rock or a pile of newspapers.

The tricep press really does a great job of stimulating the triceps, not only that but it only works your front deltoids and chest quite well too, aaaand because you're in a bit of a stress position your core also gets a little of the action to boot  !

So, how to do it...

1. Get chair, stand behind chair, feet together
2. Place hands together on the Seat of the chair and pivot forward from your feet
3. Your body will run in a straight line, 
4. Pull in your tummy muscles and breath shallow, maintaining the tension on your abs.
5. Bend your elbows until your chest is 2 inches off the  seat 
6. Straighten your arms

You will love the results the results that come thick and fast from this exercise...

I have not used a gym for about 2 years now and i find this adds not only strength but it tones and builds very effectively and because you are working in balance with your body the results are more beneficial and longer lasting than isolating at a gym.

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