Saturday, 15 February 2014

Vertical Pressup - Belfast Bootcamping / Personal Training

So guys (and some girls) you want the guns !
You want arms that are strong and look fantastic !
There is little that develops your arms as quickly as forcing them to keep you upright, your body's natural goal is to ensure you do not fall over.

The Vertical Pressup isn't for the light hearted, seriously, if you have a heart condition or have just eaten then do not do this exercise !

The Vertical pressup must be performed by a wall , you must warm up prior to the main event, what better to warm up for a pressup than by doing a , well... a pressup  !

The Vertical Pressup Video

1. Position yourself near a wall
2. Do several standard presses
3. Perform several shoulder presses
4. Raise your legs up the wall, walk back with your hands, pull your tummy muscles in
5. Compose yourself them descend toward the floor, repeat several times
6. Reverse the procedure as per the video

I look forward to posting the next thrilling exercise clip.

Demand more from your Personal Trainer !


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