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Yummy mummy Bootcamp Belfast - exercise for you and for baby - catch the workout buggy

So when exactly do you want to lose the baby weight and what are you going to do about it?

Women vary wildly in terms of readiness to exercise post natal, 12 weeks is a very rule of thumb rule in the same rule of thumb way that the average baby should weigh x lbs and the birth should take this long and every pregnancy lasts precisely 9 months and the process of giving birth is always scream inducing pain (as portrayed on every tv program)  !
Having been through all that you will may now believe that rule of thumb does not always apply.

If you have always been physically active then getting into fitness post natal can arguably be achieved well before the 12 week standard period of time, those who have always led a sedentary lifestyle will probably have to wait much longer...

I am sure you are aware of the changes your body went through as you got larger through pregnancy and how this effects you post childbirth, but to put it simply, your body is most likely completely off balance, your tummy muscles are generally weakened and your back muscles comparatively tight, your hips might be off centre and your legs seem bigger than ever. the good news though is that you can see your feet again!

The other bit of good news post natal is that ...
Testosterone levels are higher - turbo charges your ability to work out!
Your cardio-respiritory system has just been freed up - Work harder
There is less pressure on your joints - move more freely
You will feel much lighter - do more
Your circulatory system can relax a bit - less pressure on your heart
Your lymphatic system has an easier time of too - improved and balanced hormonal response

All in all, post natal your body wants to get fitter, it rapidly adopts a state whereby it will quickly burn the excess and be receptive of postural correction, the more quickly you can take advantage of this the better, even if you only go for a walk pushing baby in the buggy...

OK, so you feel fine and you want to exercise... lets suppose you want to do something that isnt part of the cliché but want to challenge yourself cause you actually want to not only lose the baby weight but increase your fitness, enjoy some fresh air while not having to pay for someone to look after baby..

Well, I offer a service which is a ladies only BootCamp and is inclusive of ladies who are in that position.
So what are the benefits of my postnatal inclusive Ladies BootCamp?

1. Baby gets fresh air
Research has shown that babies who spend time outdoors in the fresh air tend to sleep better at night, more readily adopt a feeding schedule, are stimulated by shapes, smells and colours, they develop stronger immune systems for life and are much more content in general than those stuck indoors.
Not only that but research has shown that the neural pathways that are forged for life are working at a frantic rate, normal stimulus of being outdoors, hearing dogs bark, seeing people interact, temperatures, your fantastic coordination, the sensation of speed, the excitement of it all... these experiences arguable give your baby a better start in life than those that don't benefit form this

2. Reduces Post-Natal Depression
One of the factors that can lead to post natal depression is the belief that your life has changed for the worse and for the long term, this can lead to many months of counselling... When you come to my sessions and bring baby, you are bonding, you slowly come to realise that you can still get out there and that it doesn't have to be cliché mummies groups.. .you make new friends and extend your social circle, you make significant achievements and are positively encouraged throughout your journey. The connects that are subsequently made can ease the postnatal depression to a point where you can cope with your new challenges much more effectively.

3. Your personal Fitness
You want to get fitter, you actually feel fine and everything is in place to enable that,so why wait longer than need be.
Remember your body wants to change, it all comes down to willpower and a lifestyle choice...
so do you...
1. listen to baby crying and suffer lack of sleep as baby doesn't want to sleep. You are in a body that's progressively adopting poorer and poor posture and before you know it you're on painkillers for lower back pain then undertake a 'progressive for of fitness' that sees little change in body shape, you end up on roller coaster diets for life.
2. Sign up and turn up to the sessions and bring baby... baby sleeps better, you sleep better, posture improves, lose weight, become stronger and fitter, make new mates and have a great time. 

4. And then there is cost..
I don't charge more for you bringing baby, you just pay for you !
No nursery fees but still getting complete freedom
Real encouragement for the results you want
Real mates
Fresh air
All for the same price as a standard membership

So, get in touch and get started...

Oh, and its all weather, all year...

Obviously if you have medical complications then do take the advice form your gp / doctor.
My take here is that you know you better than anyone else.

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