Saturday, 8 March 2014

Core! What is it good for? Stronger Abs and defined tummy

You will love our core conditioning program as we use many of your favourite abdominal exercises and then amaze you with some new and funky routines that are completely new to you.

Core exercise is really important because it builds the framework for your body to be able to meet the physical demands of working your body at a higher level with significantly less risk of injury... great core foundations help you to achieve more, of course a well defined mid section also looks great, your clothes fit better and you feel much more confident too.

Of course it isn't just sit ups, but a whole rage of movements, some of them you would be amazed at how easy they look but more amazed at how effectively they work, you know... that really pleasant burn sensation, the muscular fatigue which kicks in and the uncontrollable shaking of your body as you attempt to hold your positions for a second longer than the last time you did them...

Core conditioning helps to strengthen and define the tummy area too... to help you with this, i'm really happy to help guide you with the foods to avoid and those which you could embrace a little more ... you might be amazed at some of the answers.

Either way... visit the website and book your free fitness consultation
I wish you luck, success and happiness :D

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