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Fitness takes effort - 1onOne Belfast Mobile Personal Trainer

This post is about highlighting some of the reasons I've been given over the years from clients as to why they delayed adopting a healthier lifestyle;
You might be able to identify with some of them...

1. I don't always have time to exercise
OK, lets break this down
a. There are 168 hours per week
b. You sleep and work for a combined 16 hours per day (average)
c. Leaving 8 hours a day or 56 hours per week to play with (your time)
d. You only need to exercise for about 3 hrs per week 
e. That is 5.36% of 'your time' taken each week for self improvement

Okay, that's all very well, but life isn't always predictable and that 56 hours could be all over the place, ie, if you have kids or work shifts, or even when 'life just happens'
With  I help you make best use of your time by coming to you, meaning you get an hour without the added travel time, ensuring you have the flexibility to exercise at times that suit your day to day life.

You're the  customer and therefore the one in control, you will find me sympathetic to your ever changing circumstances.

2. My kids and or work keep me fit (and wear me out).
Yes they do keep you fit to a point, but I believe that exercise is more than just repetitive movements for the body, with  exercise is about the you time (me time),  an hour where 100% of the focus is on you.

You're provided a fitness service which is as mentally stimulating and liberating as the exercises are effective in shaping, strengthening and toning, plus, you have fun and get fit at the same time.

3. I have a fitness video game
What a fantastic toy!
The fitness games are a novelty I'm sure, a great party piece, but that is it.
a. If you're able to self motivate then you don't need the game for pseudo motivation
b. If you can't self motivate then turning the screen off is all too easy

Your  fitness journey isn't just physical but it's also mentally stimulating too, as your shape, form and function is enhanced you're view of the world changes, you become more confident.. having people urging you on and always supporting you provides a dimension that a fitness video or game can never replicate, regardless of the canned cheers in the games.

Showing off, succeeding, achievement, motivation, teamwork, social interaction, laughing, chatting, sweating, and many other elements all contribute to the progress you make.

4. I can take a diet pill or follow a standard diet
You're right, you can, and then you become addicted to them, some people even progress onto eating disorders too....
Standard diet plans are lethal and trainers offering these are lazy and a hazard to your goals.
If a trainer states that they provide nutrition advice then it must be relevant to you specifically and factor in elements such as your lifestyle, work and the things you enjoy while informing you of an easy to implement range of improvements specific to you.

Finding out what is relevant for you is vital, how food interacts with you and why you eat what, when and where, in the way you do... Understand your actions today to improve them for the rest of your life, all done with tremendous easy.

(A standard diet plan may work, mid to long term for 10% to 20% of those using it, leaving the 80% to feel they are doing something wrong!)

Here is the news... Diets fail, not you... this is incredibly important to remember, I don't, never have and never will use an off the peg solution for the unique you.

5. It's really tough and the results are hard to achieve
Yes it is and exercise is a hot sweaty business...
99% of my clients come to me because they get results (The other 1% baffle me ) , those earned results are derived from your hard work, sweat and groans, they come from determination and the self discipline to workout to your potential and do what is needed.
There are trainers who are more than happy to assure you that they are super gentle, you don't run, you don't do pressups or squat or do situps etc, they are more than happy for you to be treated just like everyone else.  When your results are less than ideal they blame you for that lack of progress, again enforcing that sense of guilt and failure.

with  you are training either 1 to 1 or with your friend (though I would usually not do this as many people can, initially, with the work, feel negative then talk each other into a negative spiral, this and the fact that personal training should be personal.

6. I cant afford it!
I offer personal training at great rates, so when you say you can't afford it, what this often translates to, I can't afford it in addition to my take outs, Friday nights getting drunk and smoking 20 cigarettes a day... This bit is painful, but if your results are important, then you will find a way, sacrifice the harmful things in your life which subtract from your potential and add something which guides you to your potential...
This choice is entirely yours..

If you're genuinely lacking funds then check out my Bootcamping service, you get a level of service there which surpasses that received anywhere else.

With  you have total flexibility, the more you do, the less you pay, even if you can only manage ad-hoc sessions, the standard single session fee is still incredible value for money, convenient and flexible.

7. The promises look so good..
Anybody can promise that you will lose a dress in a week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks, this type of statement is like selling a gambling addict a sure bet.

At key points in your training schedule, we sit down and we discuss your progress, this is not from arbitrary sound bites, such as, 'yeah, your doing great', but from actual evidence based on readings, measurements and your weekly feedback.

It is just as important for you to know that my methods work and how they work.

For some people the first positive results may be mental, for others it could be substantial weight loss, the bottom line is that you feel that your life has improved, you become immeasurably more confident and it is these foundations which drive you to the goals you have in mind.

With  you enjoy a level of service which goes way beyond the expectations of even the hardest to please.

To sum up...
The bottom line here is that exercising and maintaining fitness in a smart and measured way allows you to maximise your fitness results you want and enjoy all the positives which enhanced physical and mental fitness brings.
Getting fit takes work, if you can put in the effort beyond your 60 minute training sessions via your 'homework tasks' and you're serious about your goals, then get in touch.

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