Monday, 20 October 2014

A failure to appreciate - Belfast Life Coach

Appreciate what you have, and build on it, appreciate your position in life and in the world, only then can you start to grow.

Life on its own is to be appreciated, so as you're reading this, that's a positive start.

There are people who cynically dismiss retraining the mind, learning new approaches and striving for better, to them I say, book me and as a priority, right now.

What we have here, is a failure to appreciate.
To appreciate your potential instead of self hate!
This is the story of you and of what you [can] do
The tale of what you think is divinely due
Your belief that having it all is a god given right
This naivety reigning over all from trite to bright.

You hope and pray for the knight to come to your rescue.
But the only one who can save you from you, is you!
Being the willing inmate of your own prison is what you choose
Why risk that when you can so comfortably snooze
Winning free will is the choice you could make this moment
But you're hell-bent on self administered failure and torment.

Your life today of inexplicable self imposed limitations
Deliberately pre-planned self prescribed frustrations
Failing to see your advantages of which others can only dream
Your importance in the world is, by you, unknown and unseen
You take your potential for granted and that's the cause
Take time to give this a contemplative pause

Why should I bother seeking more, just to risk failure and pain?
What can I possibly achieve, change or attain?
How can I easily do more than merely exist?
You're forgetting the scars of my failures persist
So I don't have time to work on this today
Maybe tomorrow it's time to hit the hay.

Your curiosity and interest seemingly locked away
But there's a tiny spark of hope in you, it can't be held at bay.
The embers illuminating the position in the world you bolster

By chance of birth, it's your oyster
You're in the top 95% globally with shelter, food, clean water and literacy.
When will you take charge of your destiny?

At last, you embrace change and do something new
Your new dawn's brighter, you're one of the few
Your eyes are opened and senses heightened
You wonder why you were ever so frightened
You started with nothing to lose and all to gain
Now that you appreciate, life will never be the same again !

A Failure to appreciate

By; Mark McIntyre
PositivelyConfident Belfast Helathier Lifestyle Coaching
1onOne Personal Training Northern Ireland
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