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Belfast Bootcamping Mudders - Preparation to Dublin Tough Mudder Competition with Belfast Bootcamp and Transform

Tough Mudder is 12 miles of fingernail breaking hell, there's mud, there's sweat, there is the chance that we will get muddy and sweaty at the same time,, but we shake off such threats to cleanliness in the single minded goal of finishing the 'race'...

This is the story of how we completed the course, starting with 22 increasingly challenging Mudder specific training sessions before the race even starts.

25/04/2014 - The challenge has begun

It's all too easy to scroll through this page and think... core blimey, that's a lot of workouts, well yes there are, and these workouts are all specific to the goal, that being to run an enjoyable Tough Mudder knowing that we have prepared, prepared and prepared some more... We will start together and finish together and do whatever it takes in the middle bit to make sure we all succeed.
Tough Mudder and the Bootcamp in Belfast
Tough Mudder is made up of 12 miles of pain - we will train for 14 miles of hell
Tough Mudder is upper body intensive - we will become Herculean
Tough Mudder fatigues every muscle fibre - we will attain higher thresholds
Tough Mudder is designed to scare - we will become fearless

Bootcamping Mudders is looking for additional team members
As of the 25/04/2014 we have seven members
The cut off to join is the 1st May 2014
Mudder training is free for Belfast Bootcamping members
Or £10 per session on payg

To wrap this bit up, this training programme will get everyone involved into the best shape of their lives, I'm talking world class athletic prowess, more balls than a meat ball factory and more courage than a pride of lions... This is life defining stuff.

Enjoy the Bootcamping Mudders journey, when you see the group, give them a cheer.
Feel free to comment on this blog.
If you're in Belfast and you're reading this instead of getting stuck in, I have just one statement;
Stop living a life of self imposed limitation?

01/05/2014 - The official mudder team

Bootcamping Mudders is a closed and exclusive group for the truly determined, that being, for the following people only.
If you're name isn't here then you have missed the boat, these people are officially winners from today onwards;


+ facebook page fans had the opportunity, but they blew it!
70 + voucher holders had the opportunity to achieve awesome, but you blew it

6 x people took the challenge
that's only 0.002% of the entire population of Belfast !

If you want in on the team at this stage then the onus is on you to prove that you're in the top 0.002% and worthy of the free additional event specific training, otherwise, sign up for the 2015 training programme for whatever the next mile stone happens to be, whether it's a marathon or  triathlon etc  :D

The training days
This is what its all about

03/05/2014 - Session 1 of 22 at Hazelbank
60 minutes -
General session to test overall physical fitness to total fatigue
Multiple elements including some rocky horrors, shore will be a beach of a workout !

Blogger decided to delete the long funny and witty report from this session, well, I say blogger, it was probably me while trying to correct a small error as i edited via my phone... slightly painful, but hey, the best way to find out what's going on is to be part of the team :D

A quick overview
This session included getting our rocks off on the beach, shore it was touch, but when it comes to this much fun, tide and time waits for no man or woman :D
Attended by Karen, Christina, Claire, Will, Stephanie and Mark

10/05/2014 - Session 2 of 22 at Shawsbridge

60 minutes -
Upper body based
Ground work biased
Utilising the environmental challenges
Grass burns and filthy parts in the game of strengthening resolve and hearts

Blogger decided to trash the long funny and witty report from this session, well, I say blogger, it was probably me while trying to correct a small error as i edited via my phone... slightly painful, but hey, the best way to find out what's going on is to be part of the team :D

A quick overview though
This one included lots of rope pulling, tugging, throwing, dragging and then more of that with kettlebells attached to the ends of the rope too... quite a leg trembling experience, especially this early on a Saturday morning...

17/05/2014 - Session 3 of 22 at Cavehill
60 minutes
Timed run to Napoleons Nose and back
The distance is 4 (ish) miles on a predetermined loop
The challenge is to set a tough benchmark

Will, Claire, Steph and Mark (that's me yeah !)

What happened then ?

Waiting at the car park, the rain starts and then Will and Claire get there, Christina can't make it due to being on-call, I believe that's some sort of 9 to 5 speak for eating hobnobs and being sat next to a phone, meanwhile Karen is still pretending to be in Portugal or some other made up place :D

So, Me, Will and Claire are waiting and then comes a phone call from Stephanie 'IM LOST!!!' well, if ever you're lost on the roads, I'm the exact person you don't want to be speaking with, so I swiftly and dare I say... deftly (said it) passed my phone to Will and he talked Steph into being at the right place.

Steph finally arrived and then it started, a nice gentle walk, the rain stopped and the hills soon crept up, shortly after they started came the moans and groans of what sounded like the cast of a zombie movie, it turned out to be Steph, Claire and Will, and the questions..
Are we there yet?
have we got far to go?
is it far?
how many miles?
will it take long?
and so on...
To answer the questions I pointed to the top of the hill, which was partially hidden by cloud, at this point came the silence... a blissful moment of no screams... but just as quickly as the silence arrived, the chorus of, 'you must be flipping joking!', 'this is going to be flipping tough' arrived..
I simply stated that it's just a gentle walk up a hill, this didn't have the calming effect I had hoped for :D
As the hills got progressively steeper we had to dig our flipping heals in and only think about the prize, to stand on top of a hurking great flipping hill, then come down again... oh flip me sideways... is what they were thinking)!
Okay, so far as prizes go, it could be more glamorous, that's for sure, but in terms of breaking through personal barriers of perceived physical limitations, it's the best !

About ten mins in, and after the never ending steps, one of the team stated that she wasn't going to make it, that we should carry on without her... now this is a statement best used in an action movie, the person staying back slows down the marauding monsters with a final act of selfless bravery...
But there's a problem here, this is no movie and I never leave anyone behind... unless its a race of course :D ...
So, from that point onwards, she was up front with me, this inspired a deep rooted sense of calm within her... actually, it didn't, it made her swear like a sailor.. quite a lot... but she continued, one foot in front of the other...
It's always worth remembering that when going through a personal form hell, don't think about the horrors which may or may not come, just think about getting through the horror of the moment, what this translates to insofar as getting up this hill goes, is this... Just think about the step being taken, then the next one, then the next one... At some point there are no more steps to take, you've made it!

And after some murderous hills, some horrific burning calfs and more sweat than can be found on a politicians brow in a game of honesty, we were there, we reached the top, the small feelings of negativity washed away (in sweat no doubt) and replaced with a sense satisfaction, achieving something that seemed pretty tough...

After a foursome selfie (oi!) it was time to go down (oi again!), getting to the bottom of Cavehill would be somewhat faster, that speed expressed through the medium of running !

Twenty ish mins later, there we are, back to the start point (after some pretty hairy downhill bits)

Cavehill Benchmark set of 1 hour and 2 minutes

Thank flip that's done.

24/05/2014 - Session 4 of 22 at Hazelbank

60 minutes of ;
Power, high energy.
Will, Mark (me), Stephanie, Claire, Christina

A fast paced muscular endurance workout using powerbags and a battlerope.

31/05/2014 - Session 5 of 22 at Shawsbridge
60 minutes of
Some basic muscle endurance

Will, Mark (me), Karen, Claire

Aerobic / muscular endurance with powerbags

28/06/2014 - Session 9 of 22 at Ormeau
52 minutes of running
4.41 miles

52 minutes
Flat tarmac

05/07/2014 - Session 10 of 22 at Hazelbank

12/07/2014 - Session 11 of 22 at Shawsbridge

19/07/2014 - Session 12 of 22 at Cavehill

26/07/2014 - Session 13 of 22 at Hazelbank

02/08/2014 - Session 14 of 22 at Shawsbridge

09/08/2014 - Session 15 of 22 at Cavehill

16/08/2014 - Session 16 of 22 at Hazelbank

23/08/2014 - Session 17 of 22 at Shawsbridge

30/08/2014 - Session 18 of 22 at Cavehill

06/09/2014 - Session 19 of 22 at Hazelbank

13/09/2014 - Session 20 of 22 at Shawsbridge

20/09/2014 - Session 21 of 22 at Cavehill

27/09/2014 - Session 22 of 22 at Hazelbank

04/10/2014 - Tough Mudder day in Dublin

Race start time is 11:00

By 14:00 it's all done, finished, complete.. mission achieved.

The next project is.....

Mark McIntyre 

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