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Active Nutrition for your Bootcamping active lifestyle Belfast and NI

Active Nutrition groups offers  you a departure from from the pointless weigh-ins and back slapping for (typically) losing weight for the sake of weight change alone.

Instead, back patting is strongly encouraged for you feeling energised, firmer, stronger, leaner, fitter, happier and empowered through positive actions that mean you gain in life :)..

Now that's a better and more deserving reason to celebrate  :D


Well, here goes ;
Weight is a funny old thing, it will fluctuate, rise, fall and be cunningly disguised as muscle, fat, connective tissue, bone density, plasma, blood,  and even as hair, nails, blood, body organs and all the bacteria in our gut, on our skin and even the food resting in the stomach and digestive tract, in short, your weight is everything on and in you..

As such, measuring your weight, then using that number to determine your fitness is about as correct as eating a bit of pasta then claiming that you're an Italian... (If you're already Italian then choose whale fat and imagine you're great at building igloos), you get the picture... or not, well, not from just taking a weight measurement anyway...

There are two main scenarios to weight control that everyone thinks about but many don't fully appreciate when standing on the scales;
* Losing weight
* Gaining weight

Losing weight 
This can be great if you know how your body composition has changed in line with your weight loss, or down right terrible if you're blindly looking at the figure oblivious to whats happening beneath the skin.
Gaining weight
This can be great if you know how your body composition has changed in line with your weight gain, or down right terrible if you're blindly looking at the figure oblivious to what's happening beneath the skin.  Well, that sounded eerily familiar didn't it !

Here's how it looks in a picture

As you can see above, it's not the weight change itself, but how you’ve achieved it that matters, because that 'how' controls the result, and that result has a vast range of knock on effects. I will detail some of them here.

Due to the relentless conditioning we encounter as we grow up, then the seemingly relentless onslaught of conditioning as adults, many people become fixated on weight, even when the evidence is overwhelming in that they need not be so concerned (to a point), especially if you lead a reasonably healthy life.

Put your scales on the naughty step because...
Well, you just don't need them, the thing is, they only ever spit out a number which on its own has as much integrity as a politician, still trust the scales?
Both seriously mislead and result in you wanting to scream, a lot!

The more complex scales can provide some insight on actual (measured) body fat levels, however, this information is seriously limited, in addition, when you see your GP or occupational health practitioner, they will constantly and consistently refer to BMI... the most inappropriate way to determine the health of someone...
BMI is the matrix that 
was invented by Adolphe Qetelet at around 1840 and since then it's been used to assess the overall fitness levels of people without ever looking at the fitness levels of those people. Massive assumptions based on the subjective sense of health from the perspective of a Belgian star gazer.

In 1840 we had yet to fully understand how the body works, the hormonal system, psychology, we had yet to realise flight, the four minute mile, rocket science, brain surgery, medicine, pain killers, we had yet to discover antibiotics, transistors and computer chips,  we had to discover how to use steam fully, In 1840, the world and the understanding of everything was at a level that if someone from today were to travel back, they would be considered a god  !

Yet even to this day, 174 years later, not only are we fixated on BMI but we now condemn children to have their fitness assessed upon it.

Isn't it time to stop, think and consider that there’s a better way and that perhaps, blindly measuring without intelligent purpose is utterly pointless?

Where's the fat ?
Firstly, there are two types of fat in terms of how you perceive it, visceral and Subcutaneous, the visceral is the visual, this you can deal with, and the subcutaneous is mischievous and hidden away under the muscle, perfectly placed to squish your body organs... your scales won’t tell you this, they will just give you a number and if that number is low enough then you won’t care, if it is too high then you will check to see if your bum looks big in this, or prod yourself, pinch and inch and then start on the road to the following issues….

Eating Disorders
Media imagery puts men and women of all ages under tremendous pressure to conform to the perceived image of health.. When professional models are airbrushed beyond recognition you know there’s going to be trouble… The attempts to duplicate the impossible often lead to desperate acts of starvation with bouts of binging, then guilt, then comparing followed by starvation and so the cycle continues.

Body dysmorphia
You have a picture of perceived (albeit airbrushed) health and compare that to yourself, you then view yourself as substandard when you believe that you don’t quite match up.
The thing is, that picture has been altered and manipulated to an extent that you don’t have a snowball in hells chance of attaining that look, unless you stretch your legs, hack a chunk of your waist off, have a cranium extension or reduction, nose job, eye enlarging, ear reducing, line withdrawing torso stretching set of procedures, of which the ‘perfect’ form will then be changed…
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way you look, we all have different shapes and sizes with varying weights… Provided you can walk, talk, run, skip, jump, and live life pain free, relatively happy and energetic then you are in A1 condition.

Bruised Confidence
Comparing weight, celebrating a pound off here and there, the group weigh in sessions where you’re doing everything right, that being, you’ve started running or attending fitness class, improved your diet and feel full of energy, only for your weight to have increased.
This results in the pity looks from your ‘friends’ who fail to understand why your weight has increased (even though your trainer has explained why), they then try to help by forcing high sugar / sweetener based diet foods and shakes onto you. Unfortunately, this is the worse thing as you then take on new disproportionate and inversely correct programming;  that exercise makes you fat (due to the scales) while the shakes make you thin.

From this, you doubt yourself, you doubt the virtue of exercise and when you eventually figure out that you were right all along, it dawns on you that you have put on more weight even though you hardly eat, this causing a massive amount of damage to yourself both physically and psychologically, as a consequence, your confidence levels plummet as you feel you have to not only start over, but just reaching the start line will be a challenge in itself…

This is the fork in the road, the right way is the hard way, it always has been and always will be.

This is where the shake system captures many people.
The rest will at least try to break free with most relapsing to the shake.
Very few will succeed, if you have, then well done for breaking free.

Even better to be fully informed and avoid the shakes and pills or stop them right now in order to save your confidence.

Slowed metabolism
As you weigh yourself and see you weight creep up, many people simply assume it’s a bad thing and reduce food intake, and then the weight starts coming off, so you eat less again, and the weight falls further.. ah haaaa !
The problem here is that the less you eat, the more your body will eat you, it will adopt a ferocious appetite that will be quelled with you supplying food or by your muscle mass being broken down, used for energy and stored as fat.

As more muscle tissue is eaten, your body becomes metabolically efficient, this is because muscle is proactive in burning energy while fat is a passenger that only burns energy by virtue of offering resistance to move.

If you then start with a weekly weigh in service, they will praise you for this weight loss as they simply do not care how the weight is lost, just that it is lost…

Technical malnutrition
This being caused by a massive short fall of micro and macro nutrients which you become conditioned to disregard through the encouragement of the weekly weigh in group which blindly follows BMI.

This well-intended but dangerously blind ignorance can result in chronic pain through poor posture, which is exacerbated though excessive entropy of the muscles which weakens the entire muscular kinetic chain, is also leads to a heightened chance of injury due to weakened connective tissues and brittle bones.

This would win a slimmer of the month award with many weight loss groups.. isn't that telling!

Poor energy
As your weight increases,  the food you consume becomes less and less as you play the sinister game of chase the needle [scales].
Many people chasing the needle are eating too few calories while wondering why they’re packing on the size.
Some in this situation will try to break the cycle and ‘do something about it once and for all’ by joining a fitness class.
They will try to workout, but always feel tired only to make the association that they must be unfit, when in reality they are just not fuelled up.
This poor energy then inevitably leads the person to give up their exercise plan and opt for further starvation instead, making this a cycle tough to escape from, even though the solution is as straight forward as eating more.
If this sums you up then the specifics can be resolved later, just focus on fuelling up and getting a sweat on then look at fine tuning later.

Muscular imbalance
If the scales moving downwards is the most important factor for you, and you've adopted starvation and or slim shake or juice plus type diet plans, then this will result in excessive muscular entropy due to your body entering a runaway state of catabolism.  The muscles that your body cares about are only the ones used to eat and to get the food to your mouth and sugar to the brain, as such, your spinal support will fail resulting in posture related pain, your hips may become displaced due to lacking the energy to move thus your body eating the big tasty glutes, your calfs will cramp and fail, flexion of the toes and fingers will be dulled, your neck will be sore as lifting the weight of the head becomes more laborious, in short, your body will remove the energy expensive muscle and store more fat, thus causing further issues, however, the good news from the perspective of a weigh in group is that the number on the scales will be lower.. and many pats on the back will ensue by the person manning the scales.

Slow fitness results
The more you stand on the scales and the more you associate lower weight with health, the slower your fitness results will be.

This is because you will have learnt through your hardwired programming that that eating increases your weight, and even though you will have been informed that the weight going on is muscle, bone density and connective tissue etc, you have chosen instead to continue standing on the scales wanting the number to reduce, as such, you're eating to chase a needle instead of eating to chase your fitness and actual greater health.

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Break free from dogma and challenge your trainer / coach and weight loss group leader with the scariest question ever... 'WHY?'.!!!! (i thrive on the 'why', it's what drives the new)

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