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Body MOT with Bootcamping NI and Belfast - Advanced fitness training for superior results

How do you get to know where you want to be if you don't know where you are?

The Bootcamping Body MOT locates you then helps you navigate safely and smartly to your goals.

The Body MOT is your before and after picture
We've all been there, boasting about the incredible journey taken, the physical differences and the physiological changes that have enhanced us and made us better people through pushing through those tough personal barriers.

Having the evidence to prove your journey, to evidence where you started and where you are now is incredibly valuable and is extremely empowering, especially when faced with the statements from those who are in such disbelief of your staggering achievements that they will actively try to depress the vast improvements you have made, in whatever period of time you achieved them in... using only their own limitations as a reference point.

That's one positive reason for the MOT... affirming through hard won evidence all the successes you've made.
More so, the Body MOT, with personalised reports and your personal nutrition framework which presents you with optimal eating guidance and a fuller understanding of the unique requirements of your body, in line with your preferred lifestyle further guide you effectively and more effortlessly in the furthering of your actual successes..

Optimising and eating strategically for maximised physical performance based on the demands you place on your body, as part of an active lifestyle is critical, why aspire to be n athlete only to eat like a mere mortal ;-)
There is no need to deny the things you love in life, shifting the timings about is generally all that's needed fort he most part, when there is no bandwagon to jump on, there is no bandwagon to fall off of.

The Body MOT is much more than the sum of parts, it not only gives you a clear understanding of your progress, it helps your trainer (yours truly aka me) to offer the very best advice whenever you ask a question relating to food, maintenance and rest days and the effects of you having a blow out, alongside the practical aspects of me knowing exactly what you're physically capable of, thus driving you harder to the goals you have, thereby helping you achieve faster, whether that's competition based, weight based or overall quality of life based.

There's a report at the end of this blog :)

Body Composition 
The number you see on a set of scales only tells a tiny portion of a huge story, as does checking the external appearance of your body in the mirror.

Your conclusions of 'fat or fit'  based on your external appearance, and a number displayed on a set of scales, is like forming a judgement of a book based on the cover and 12 random words on page 73.

So, here's where the Body MOT caped crusader comes to the rescue

Types of fat;

Visceral fat - The stores under the muscle that compress the internal organs, this impacts the hormonal system, heart and restricts airflow to the lungs due to limiting the free movement of the diaphragm

Many superficially skinny and light people can be carrying anything upto 40% body fat, but because it's hidden from sight and the scale number is low, the person is oblivious and much more prone to postural related injury, diabetes, hormonal displacement and lethargy.

Next time you see a skinny person feasting on junk food, instead of thinking they're lucky, try instead to remember that they (or this could be you) will still be storing fat, but the much more dangerous Visceral fat

Think of this as the stealthy 'skinny person fat'

Subcutaneous fat - The more visible fat between the muscle and skin... ie, the beer belly or muffin top etc, this is the fat that everyone is accustomed to seeing, and because it can be seen without special equipment, you can more readily identify a need to deal with it.

In your body, we look at body composition, ie, how much of you is lean tissue compared to non lean tissue overall, from the measurements taken during your body MOT, we get a fuller picture of how you are made up and we can then take informed decisions on how to optimise your body composition using a variety of methods then monitor the progress.

BMI is a severely limited way to assess fat levels, this is due to it being a standard matrix from height and weight which completely ignores body composition in its entirety.

I use actual measured body fat and base recommendations on actual measured facts.

Heart function
How is yours while resting, performing and then what about it's recovery?

You fitness is in part assessed by the function of your heart through controlled stress testing, the stress test in being aerobic in nature.

Essential measurement include ;
Heart rate and blood pressure at rest

Blood pressure (at rest)
Heart rate under stress
Heart rate recovery over a set time

Your heart readings offer strong indicators of your fitness plus effort, and are prime factors in determining your physical potential at the time of recording.

Of course, your heart is there to pump the blood around your body, picking up oxygen and offloading carbon dioxide.

Lung function
The health and function of your lungs can be determined by taking reading to determine peak flow (via forced expiration) and through measuring your Vo2 Max through the aerobic aspect of your MOT.

As you reduce subcutaneous fat (the organ compacting stuff) you will feel that you can breath easier, as you breath easier you can draw in more oxygen, the alveoli and capillaries exchange gasses better, as a result the heart does not need to beat as fast or as hard to pump oxygenated blood through the body etc..
This means that you can do what you do now with greater ease and ultimately do much much more, the harder you can work, the greater the physical changes you make, the higher the physical change the greater the motivation, the faster the results the higher the endurance and resilience and ultimately, the faster you achieve all your goals.

Physical Assessments

The physical assessments are designed to prove the reading above and to provide theoretical and practical application of theory, ie, proof of your abilities in the real world.

The range of physical assessments are carried such that the results are always comparable, they are performed under strictly controlled conditions and return extremely accurate results which conspire to present sufficient information about you so I am better able to answer all your questions that you may ask about you.

1.6 km aka 1 mile
This distance is covered in the fastest way that you can manage, it's not important what time you get so long as your effort is truly the best you can give.
Your initial run time serves as a benchmark and this, when correlated to various heart reading, and when interpreted in the round, with the other readings, can indicate fast track speed and performance increases, all while heightening your comfort levels...

Doing more with grace.

Pressups over a set time
A standard exercise to determine upper body strength and determination

over a set time
An assessment of core strength and function

over a set time
Lactic threshold through everyones favourite compound exercise, working the entire body for strength and muscular resilience

As your fat levels reduce and you lungs are freed up and this enhances your ability you draw more oxygen into the body to drive the energy systems, in addition, you attain greater freedom of movement and flexibility with power over an extended range of movement.
As your slow twitch muscle is developed you can run further for longer and when married to enhanced fast twitch, you can run faster with more power...

As your energy systems are enhanced your physical resilience improves, meaning you can go it it for longer...

As your diet improves you can fuel yourself better, recover faster and attain your goals more quickly

As your self belief is enhanced through ever greater personal physical attainment, you realise that you can do whatever you set out to achieve... You learn to believe in yourself more.

Nutrition framework

Your body is unique, your lifestyle is unique and the daily interaction between those factors is therefore unique, as such, diet advice has to be optimal for you personally in order to be effective...

about 70% of what you're currently consuming is what your body works well on, so why disregard that by offering standard diet plans that are followed for a few weeks then abandoned?

It is better to build on the good stuff your already doing, re-enforce that positive behaviour and never ever go on a diet plan so long as you live.

Within your nutrition framework are charts detailing how much to eat and when, this varies depending on whether it's a training day or a rest day.

There is no denial of anything you enjoy (though I will make suggesting on sugar and alcohol consumption). If you think of all the hours of effort you put into your physical fitness, why erase an hour of that for each unit of alcohol drunk beyond a maximum of 2 units in any one day (under certain conditions).

To back up your Nutrition framework, Bootcamping customers (unlimited, results and transform) are provided a complimentary personal journal plus a weekly 'diet' group, this ensures that more of the good you do is repeated, positives are re-enforced and ever greater results are attained. Plus, its a bit of a laugh too :D

The body MOT, analytic and reports are
included with the following plans ;

Book in today...

Knowledge is power, clarity of knowledge is a trillion watts of power, and with that tremendous (em)power(ment) you can surge ahead with your ambitions..

Book your Body MOT today and experience your true potential.

Here's an example of the information you're provided within your report after your body MOT service
For a detailed look at how my fitness and healthy lifestyle coaching services work,

click here and read about the journey of Aine

By; Mark McIntyre
Bootcamping outdoor group fitness

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