Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Runner Nutter courses - Go the distance in Belfast Northern Ireland !

Running in Belfast, or anywhere in Northern Ireland is the most accessible form of fitness available to most people, Runner Nutter courses (BeginnerTo10k and Half Marathon)  are specifically designed to deliver you a solid foundation and enhanced framework to run optimally via  improved nutrition, increased energy, improved technique and greater self confidence via progressive milestones.

The end result is that you're better equipped to run further, faster and for longer in much greater comfort, plus all the positive knock on effects which come from that.

Monday, 19 October 2015

The hunger games - Belfast Personal Trainer on dangerous diets

There are some things in the fitness world that really annoy me, such as the quick fix formula via shakes, plastic body wraps, diet pills and the ever increasing narcissism which goes with the relentless facebook posts of 'going to the gym' or the tirade of flat tummy selfies which flood social media timelines and re-enforce the form over function mindset (incorrectly)... But the one which caps them all is the rapid weight loss 'diet plan'.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Not all sugars are the same - Belfast 1onOne Personal Trainer

For the last ten years I've been banging on about sugar and salt being the real problems when it comes to coronary heart disease, degenerative disorders and related issues, not fat... because of this I've gone against the grain of most other trainers and most definitely against the view held by the likes of weight-fast and slim-watcher type diets and meal replacement systems.

Fat does not make you fat, sugar makes you fat, this has been my consistent message for a decade as a professional and even before that time.
To back this up, check out my blogs and my book;
'A Positively Healthier Lifestyle'. Buy it, you could learn a lot from it.

As much as people shirked at the mere suggestion, or the customers I lost because they were so far brainwashed that they could not comprehend that fat was not the problem, including saturated, I stuck with it, but why? I mean, why didn't I just 'go with the flow' of formulated standard off the peg advice and make more money?

Because I have self respect, and research what I say, I read independent scientific papers, I take an active interest and don't get my information from Mens Health or the Daily Mail, I never accept everything as an absolute based on a sound bite in a newspaper, broad or tabloid, as they still have to look after their advertisers (the same goes for commercial TV), after-all, the big name weight loss groups pay those papers and TV stations a lot of money in advertising...

What I'm saying here is that I refuse to live or train by dogma, more than that, my clients deserve to have a trainer who is utterly passionate and can back up their information, guidance and nutritional advice with independent evidence, not slim-slow sponsored papers.

So, that's the fat issue...

The new issue is sugar, though salt is being touched on, you know, the stuff that's packed into all the major brand weight loss products,  unfortunately, all sugar is currently being lumped together as being bad, it isn't, this is the same mindset that had people afraid to eat whole eggs for 20 years!  so that message absolutely must stop...

The media is saying that you must reduce sugar consumption, then cite the sugar levels in natural (natures) products such as fruit or indeed fruit juice!
Next up they will tell you that berries and bananas will kill you, short of choking on them, you are actually perfectly safe to consume them!  

If you want to reduce your sugar intake, reduce refined sugar intake, this is the really nasty stuff, the killer, the fat maker, the stuff of lethargy and hormonal lows - sweeteners only make matters worse!
The stuff that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables (starch is sugar, carbs are sugar!) is 100% fine in moderation, I repeat this as it might take time to sink in.

Of course, the media and a lot of trainers will simply state that sugar will make you fat and rot your teeth and that's why you shouldn't consume it...
Well that's partly right, but this explanation is spectacularly amateur and childlike,even below the level of the laziest fast food munching gym based trainers out there.
It actually makes me feel quite angry that the trainer takes money to dole out substandard advice to a client.

All food eaten to excess will make you fat and cause problem, but refined sugar has a bigger problem, and one not being covered by the media yet, mostly because if they did, the likes of fizzy drink companies could be sued for billions.

The biggest issue with refined sugar is the caustic nature of it, as it passes through your bloodstream it acts like little sharp lumps of glass that score and slice your veins and arteries, at this point, lipoproteins seek that damage and try to repair it, a bit like a sticky plaster on a cut... if you continue to eat refined sugar more 'plasters' are applied, eventually restricting the blood-flow and causing adverse blood pressure... the second jolly bit of news is when the plaster dislodges and travels through the arterial system  into the heart, it can disturb the rhythm, provided you get through that one, a blood clot to the brain could be next...
THIS is the danger of nutrient empty, refined, caustic sugar, the worse bit for weight-fasters is that the weight loss foods you're eating are often more crammed with refined sugar (plus salt) than a can of carbonated pop, do you feel cheated yet? what if i told you that this has been known for over twenty years, just kept secret so they can extract more money from you then blame you for not controlling your weight... Are you still going to the weight-slow meeting this week?  It really was too good to be true, you have a right to be angry here.

So, when you seek to reduce your sugar intake.
Continue with natures goodness
Scrap anything that's processed
Avoid mechanically extracted and or synthetic sweeteners 
(I will explain in a blog soon, though this is in my book too)

I'm sure this will take another ten years for the media to align to but please act today, unless of course you like tiny bits of glass shredding your insides (to put it bluntly).

So save yourself from a death of a thousand cuts, better control your weight and feel much more alive instead.

The secret to weight control, hormonal balance and utter bliss ;
Have 3-5 different colours in every meal, the brighter the colour the better.
Do more, eat more, do less, eat less.
Avoid packs
If you cant identify the food source, avoid it.
Learn to cook, it's fun!
Treats are fine every now and then.
Alcohol reverses all your good work.
Nature got it right from day one.

Thanks for reading

By; Mark McIntyre
1onOne Personal Training Belfast
Bootcamping outdoor group fitness

For workout clips to do at home, check out the 
Bootcamping blog

The wall - The all important aspect of Belfast Bootcamps and your fitness Journey

Whenever you embark on a new journey, whatever that journey entails, at some point you will lose your way, possibly by going too quick, too slow, but whatever the speed or the reason, you will hit a block, a hurdle, or more accurately, you will hit the wall... and believe it or not, this is great news !

Positive Energy from positive people - Belfast Bootcamps and Runner Nutter

Emotional and physical energy, it's a funny old thing, we can detect it, describe it, sense it, thrive on it and use it for every single action, inaction and thought, yet we never really examine where it comes from.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Life hack for optimal weight! Bootcamping Northern Ireland

I'm often asked the weight control question and here is the definitive response which nobody wants to hear and that nobody else seems willing to provide..

So, welcome to the extremely alternative guide to managing your weight.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Active Nutrition for your Bootcamping active lifestyle Belfast and NI

Active Nutrition groups offers  you a departure from from the pointless weigh-ins and back slapping for (typically) losing weight for the sake of weight change alone.

Instead, back patting is strongly encouraged for you feeling energised, firmer, stronger, leaner, fitter, happier and empowered through positive actions that mean you gain in life :)..

Monday, 5 January 2015

What would you gain with 12 weeks of lifestyle coaching in Belfast ?

When Aine won the 12 weeks of transformative lifestyle coaching with the Belfast Life Coach (that'll be me then), she won it on the basis of a total turnaround of her life, to help her find her own solutions to her motivations to do the things in life which were important to her, this included motivational exercises which were used to build up, over 12 weeks, a massive catalogue of evidence to prove that the perceived impossible is possible, this programme started with forming the foundation to self belief then building on that, moving from milestone to milestone in a way that guides her to the ultimate destination..

12 weeks wont in itself turn a life around, but 12 weeks gives a firm platform of self belief, based on practical, personal evidence, which then serves as a lifetime safety net of intrinsic self belief.

Over the 12 weeks, Personal and group fitness was used as the tool for practical self belief building exercises, this was married to Nutrition and Confidence Coaching...

My core principle of forming a solid personal foundation stems from just three factors

1. What you eat
2. What you do
3. What you think / believe

Check out my book here and find out more...

The weekly reports are quite a long read
So here's a quick synopsis
All the reports (evidence) are at the end of the blog
Thank you for taking the time to read :)


We spent a lot of time covering the importance of nutrition, how to determine what works best and when to eat key food groups, all with the added benefit of not denying anything, just changing some timings around... This aspect went extremely well, however, because Aine quit the course before understanding the WHY and the HOW, and in spite of the evidence of extremely significant and positive results, ie, weight control, higher energy, sharper mental focus, more positive frame of mind, happier, brighter skin etc, in short, looking and feeling vibrant, there is a huge risk of relapse to shake based diets, something I am personally extremely 'anti', i have stated my case with evidence over the last ten years, and may have mentioned this in the feedback here too :).

Physically, Aine made huge strides (see the report at the bottom), her fitness levels increased a staggering amount, this was based on consistent hard work, early mornings, weekends, group exercise and personal training, this was all designed to drive self belief to an instinctive sense of 'I can'... it's only when a person believes that they can that they WILL have the motivation to DO as everything seems ACHIEVABLE...

This analogous approach was somewhat lost in the first 4 weeks as Aine had not done the background reading as prescribed, prior to, or during the course.

In terms of self belief, Aine had all the information, all the evidence gathered over 10 weeks to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that 'she can', for the most part, with practical tasks, ie, running and eating, she could see and understand this as there were very real and tangible changes, ie, shape, energy, weight, performance, time, reps etc...

The final 4 weeks of the programme was designed to be an intensive 4 weeks to understand the WHY and HOW behind those successes, this to re-enforce the 'I can'.
This intensive 4 weeks period demanded a higher workload in terms of Aine providing timely daily feedback and answering questions I pose to her feedback in real time (or close to that), my questions were designed to help her understand the critical WHY and HOW.

Unfortunately, for whatever the actual reasons, possibly in part the outwardly intangible rewards, Aine never answered a single question I posed and ultimately quit the course at this key stage out of frustration and in the belief that the final 4 weeks was placing unreasonable demands...
This was a tremendous shame as Aine was at mere reaching distance of attaining the type of personal transformation that others dare even dream of, the net result of quitting just inches from the finish line was that the whole process was then devalued, worse still were the negative comments made by her and her partner via social media. This had the effect of devaluing not only the service offered, but also diminished the demonstrable results gained over the ten weeks, which were completed.

So, in short,  Aine did attain positive results as mentioned above, but as she left at the critical point, that being the most demanding, but equally rewarding for life bit, as such, she neglected to pursue a full understanding of the HOW, thus has little idea how to intuitively replicate these same results, what this means in the real world, is that Aine has thrown away the positive lessons of achievements through hard work and mindful effort, in favour of a long drawn out future of 'almosts' through short cuts.

The day will come (eventually),  where Aine may take a step back, breathe, then takes the time to understand the HOW and the WHY in order to escape a
 dogmatic life of the quick fix, yo-yo solutions. 

It's important to remember that there were 2 trades in return for 12 weeks of free intensive, comprehensive personal lifestyle coaching ;

1. That all progress and all communication would be reported
This was done in as complete a way as possible, on the basis of information provided in a timely manner, this information deriving from weekly, then daily feedback, plus feedback in journals and action planning... ie, how to actually get/attain the changes in the real world.
Ultimately, Aine is the one who applied for the program and wanted the results, So it's Aine who needed to put the hard work in... As such I could only report on her feedback and progress plus my own thoughts on where we 'were at' 

2. That any missed sessions / short notice cancellations (under 24 hrs) would be paid for in order to reschedule.
A number of sessions were cancelled at extremely short notice, sometimes for bizarre reasons, these reasons were reported but I repeatedly disregarded the re-arrangement fee.

There are 4 crucial lessons to take from this process, im sure you will identify these throughout the report.

1. What you believe you will achieve (or certainly have a far far greater chance)
2. What you eat determines everything, it drives energy, thoughts and physical ability
3. Lifelong results take consistent effort, for life! The shake diet / quick fix or magic bullet have inversely and wildly disproportionate side effects to the results they promise
4. Good habits and the self belief that comes with personal success, even when documented and used as positive evidence can be instantly eroded, if you fail to understand the WHY or the HOW