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Life hack for optimal weight! Bootcamping Northern Ireland

I'm often asked the weight control question and here is the definitive response which nobody wants to hear and that nobody else seems willing to provide..

So, welcome to the extremely alternative guide to managing your weight.

When people talk about weight, the first thought will be generally be about loss, losing, missing, burning, destroying, destruction, shredding and shedding etc... what this means is that all the initial thoughts associated with weight management seem to have a negative slant, ie.... all about losing... and who wants to be a loser?

Through our entire lives, we're encouraged to win, the sense of competition drums into us that losing is the least desired outcome, as such we'll do everything we can to win.
Perhaps it's this encouragement, or more precisely , the neural wiring process which contributes to making optimal weight management such a tough task.

Subconsciously, we always want to gain as this is linked to winning, that being, we view gain as progressive, the natural order of things etc, this is in direct conflict to the conscious battle of desperately wanting to lose lose lose.
This forms a mental dichotomy which leads to eating disorders for many people, so what we have to do is to unravel the subconscious aspect so you have absolute ownership of your conscious goals.

Office experts and many other well meaning people will state, with tremendous confidence, that the best way to control weight is to control food intake and match it to your level of physical activity.
So, if you want to gain weight then eat more, if you want to lose weight then eat less...

Unfortunately the human body is outrageously complex we do at least understand the biomechanical processes, the food we consume goes through a pre-set path, that being ;
* It's predigested in the mouth by enzymes in the saliva as we chew
* Stomach acid breaks the food down
* Nutrients are extracted from the food during its digestive journey
* Remaining substances, along with various bacteria are passed out.

In that regard, our bodies are a bit like a sausage machine... Product in... Junk out.

During the digestive process the brain receives signals about the volume of sugars and fats absorbed, the muscle fibres are stuffed with proteins, the pancreas and liver are employed to fire off regular reports to the brain  which then signals the issuance of blood sugar control etc.. d
uring which time the brain is effectively getting high from serotonin and tryptophan releases, it's these highs which causes certain foods to more addictive than others, ie, excessive consumption of pre-packed processed junk, carry outs and sugar filled fizzy drinks, plus alcohol.

Of course i've already written about the various ways in which you can control the sugar craving, infact, you can read an entire case study by clicking here

It's really important to remember that we're not machines, we have free will and we all live unique lives, every personal experience uniquely influences our thoughts, bodies and nutritional preferences, the way your body responds to stimulus is entirely different from how somebody elses will respond.

What I want to do is to impart my theory about the absolute best way to control weight, explain the reasons for it and then for you to give it a try, to some, well, to most, it will all sound a little 'out there'.

I would love to hear your feedback after you've read it, given it some thought and given the advice a go (about a month will see substantial and positive effects).

The root causes of sub-optimal weight are heavily influenced on how our actions have been programmed, our actions are programmed by our thoughts, our thoughts can be heavily influenced by TV programming.

Many people, and this might include you, watch TV to escape from the life that hasn't panned out in the perceived ideal way. 

TV gives you the opportunity to  laugh at others less fortunate, criticise their performance in a way that would make you weep if it were done to you, cry when flipper the dolphin is turned into tuna, shocked at any given soap opera story line, feeling anxious during the news, angry at reported society, agitated at things you can't possibly change, agoraphobic through a disconnect with how you think others are, and fearful of the world in general.

Subliminal advertising in the media is very very real... adverts are deliberately designed to hypnotise, some adverts are disguised as factual news stories, only to be followed by an obvious advert to re-enforce the message that you have absorbed as fact , as it's now perceived to be both important to have and available!

You'll frequently be subject to jingles or key harmonics, often matched with sequences of flashing lights... this is to tell your brain to open up the suggestion door, effectively placing you in a temporary trance... all to make the following promises;

Doing this will make you successful
, not doing it will make you feel like a failure
Doing this will ensure you have more and better sex, not doing it render you celibate
Doing this will make you feel included, not doing it will make you feel excluded..

For example, a typical advert format;
The objective is to create the image and to put you right in the middle of it ;

A jingle or a resonating background sound sets the tone... a maserati pulls up and a tall dark handsome man steps out, followed by a tall leggy lady, he passes a diamond encrusted jewelry box to her which she opens tentatively, pupils dilate and a gasp is released as she sees the very thing she has been anticipating for some time....

The worlds most sought after chocolate...
She smiles, look at him, licks her lips seductively, then the screen fades to black.

At this stage, a hypnotic velvety voice waxes lyrical about the deepest darkest melt in the mouth chocolate which has been lovingly blended with the finest ecuadorian cacao, expertly hand crafted into parcels of smooth satisfyingly long lasting bitter sweetness and filled with the finest, lightest, most exquisite flavours your senses could handle.

At this point you're imagining yourself being the recipient of the experience, the imagination placement which was created by the advert (programme), results in salivating, raised heart rate, excitement and anticipation.

These are extremely strong physiological response triggered remotely.
You're aware of the physical affects, but what about the mental affect?

The obvious message from the program, so far as you're consciously concerned is 'buy this chocolate'. however, the subconscious messages are ;
* If you don't have the car then you're not successful, you partner might leave you
* Give this to you partner and you're getting sex on demand ! , if not, then you wont.
* If you can't afford this chocolate, your partner will find someone who can

So, on the superficial side it looks jolly good, hmmm chocolate... but on the other side, you're being programmed to be fearful ...
This opens you and primes you to be much more receptive and suggestible to other remedies, these remedies can be purchased to ease your subconscious sense of discontent...

When the TV displays images of success, they generally and exclusively revolve around the superficial, the bank balance, the clothes, car, the house the body etc... while these are all very nice things to aspire have, you're being programmed over an extended period of time to feel like a failure if you haven't achieved X Y or Z by a particular point in life.

So let's assume your life is sweet and the adverts don't get the better of you, what about the constant fear mongering, the 'terrorist threat' which is constantly drummed into you...
Had a good day? Forget it !
'You and your family could be dead tomorrow by the hands of terrorists!'

This type of message is repeatedly put out there with the net effect that is subverts your positivity, it pulls you down, it makes you angry, it divides communities and it causes conflict in your mind, who can you trust?

Todays consumers news is brought to you by our sponsors.. beer, chocolate, pizza and other comforts.. but don't go taking drugs now... unless they're prescribed by our big pharmacy sponsors.

The power of TV is tremendous, if there's one thing I would say to everyone as a first measure of changing their life, that's to bin the TV, get rid of it or at least use it minimally.
In just two weeks your entire quality of life, through enhanced perception and heightened positivity  will improve dramatically..
The first week will be cold turkey.

TV drags you down, puts you in a suggestible frame of mind, repeatedly pushes beer and junk and this results in you reach for the phone or the browser to follow the suggestions provided by the TV.. What a well programmed consumer you are.

Social media has a huge influence over people. Recently, FaceBook owned up to having run a psychological experiment on a broad range of users, this was to determine whether a personal emotional state can be affected by what appears on their news feed... 

In response to this, there was worldwide outrage, however, TV has been pulling this trick since television became a fixture in the living room.

The subliminals on TV might make zero sense to you right now, but what will make sense are the obvious out and out statements, inferences and extremely strong suggestive tone of the content on TV, these can be so extraordinary as to change behaviour in as little as one hour.

For example, you might work with people of Islamic faith, they are your colleagues, some are your best friends,  however, the news seems to repeat the danger of Islam and Muslims on an almost constant loop, this can be perceived as mental manipulation for an ideology held by any given government, society in general or that media source due to the fears and bias of the media owner. Whatever the background for it, the net result is the deliberate manipulation of your perception.

Such mental manipulating can go along the line of;

An Islamic man has shot a white middle class man and his wife and children.
An Islamic man has stabbed and beheaded a soldier, cartoonist or news reader.
An Islamic man has run over a crowd of children outside a non faith school.
An Islamic man has tortured and honour killed his sister for bringing dishonour
An Islamic man has molested vulnerable young adults
An Islamic man has murdered an entire OAP centre
An Islamic immigrant man has taunted the pope
An Islamic man has threatened to throw a shoe at the PM.
An Islamic man has crashed a plane into a tower block!
An Islamic sleeper cell could be near you.

Very rarely will a news story tell of an indigenous white Christian middle class male who beat up a petrol station attendant, nor will it demand the local church leader (priest) to condemn the actions of all other potential indigenous white christian middle class males in their 'community'. Odd that isn't it... it's almost as though there's an agenda to force hate.

As a consequence to this..What runs through the minds of many is,  'Am I unwittingly harbouring, assisting and befriending terrorists?
Before long, just the word Islam invokes tremendous fear and this adversely effects how you interact with your friends of Islamic faith /culture, and even though you know that they're the same great people you've always known, you've developed a deep and persistent distrust of them...
Your complete change in mindset is based purely on the basis of their Islamic faith, colour of skin or the way they dress. Racism through programming on mainstream TV news et al.

If you relay the fears that the media has induced by trying to 'talk it out', you then risk sounding like a bigot.
Subsequently, the media scares you, changes your outlook, then provides nothing more helpful than a virtual  minefield when you understandably express your new found fears.
This adds to your cycle of fear and pulls you down..

After these 'terror' reports there will be adverts for Pizza, Burgers, Beer and Chocolate... you could easily get away with believing that Cadburys, Dominos, Corrs and Mars sponsor the terror stories... all that potential comfort eating... get them now while they're at a low ebb !

This process is repeated with many subjects from the weather to news to soaps etc, these programmes designed to
suppress your joy and to skew your ability for independent critical thinking. But hey, that's not a problem, simply get that TV back on... they'll put you right by telling you how to think.... those nice comforting telly people. aaaahhhhhhh....

All of the above is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the media effectively hypnotising you away from you the good senses you were born with..
The media has no glorious purpose for this, there is no enlightenment for you to enjoy, there are no long terms benefits...

The media is hellbent on changing your state of mind for one reason, and one reason only... to maximise profits for its sponsors.. So if this means using the power of  suggestion to put you in a depressive state then so be it, if it means selling a dream just out of reach, then so be it, if it means giving the illusion of escape, then so be it... 

The media is no friend of yours, it's a sometimes vibrant happy clappy smiling entity, but only in the same way an abusive partner may have one good day one in ten, but the other nine days are full of undermining, mental abuse, knocks, name calling, unsavoury comments and all other forms of mental and or physical violence...

As with abusive relationships, a form of Stockholm syndrome evolves, the abused becomes sympathetic to the 'cause of the abuser', in this case, the 'Consumer' defends the TV with statements like... but sometimes its okay, it isn't all bad.. there's only a few repeats, it doesn't make me too angry /sad  too often and of course, there are good times too !

Giving up TV is hard, there are no groups to help with the withdrawal there's no phone line for TV addicts, there's no network for like minded people to help each other through the very real trauma of mentally detaching from the TV... so of course... it's turned on!

Some people say sugar or alcohol or fat etc is the killer.... 
What 'some people' won't tell you is the blindingly obvious truth.. the elephant in the room...
TV programmes drive the cravings through suggestion, through trusted personalities, through the glitz and the glamour, to encourage you to consume junk in the quantities that will undermine your fitness, health, happiness and ability to reach your potential.

It's a bit like saying some drugs kill but drug dealers are harmless...
ie, some tv programmes are damaging but TVs are perfectly ok

The dealer and the TV are the conduit between the substance and the user.

You can also make the same comparison to alcohol in that  every now and then it's perfectly okay, alcohol can be argued to have positive effects on health (in moderation), but we live in a must have, glutinous society, where excess is the norm.
Where you have 'Drink Aware', there needs to be  'TV Aware' too... perhaps an RDA of TV

The whole notion of binning or massively reducing dependency on the TV, even now, will continue to be beyond preposterous for the majority of people, you will defend the TV to the bitter end and at all costs, after all, it gives so freely and for that..... for that you will give up everything just to feel accepted by it, you just want to feel accepted by big brother;
* You want me to consume... okay, i'll consume.
* You want to think in that way, okay, i'll think how you want me think
* You want me to give up my individuality.. okay, I want to be like you anyway

If you want to be the real you, enjoy fitness, happiness and health then turn off the TV ;

All that spare time away from a tv schedule now means you can eat better, you can exercise more, take your dog for a walk frequently, take the kids on adventure days out, be more active in personal development,  run that race, etc...
(Instead of racing home to veg in front of the set... for 5 hours or more a day with a takeout and a beer, getting fatter, feeling alienated and in that rut)

Unfortunately, TV, like all highly addictive products is aggressively defended by the most adversely effected.., this means that whenever I suggest that the best remedy to health and fitness is to turn the telly off, the suggestion is met [almost] entirely by derision.

Right now, you have a choice ; 

1. Continue with your loyalty to TV which drives negative emotional feelings such as anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, worry, stress, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, fear of loss, fear of life, fear of society, diminished views of the self.
All of which drives negative actions for negative results


2. Free yourself from the TV, after all you're an amazing, unique human being, no one has ever been like you, no one will ever be like you, no one sees the world the way you see it, your perception of reality through your senses is unique to you... embrace that, respect your mind, respect you body, respect the gift of your individuality and live like you mean it..
All of which drives positive actions for positive results.

If binning your TV is a bit too scary then here's some advice

1. Only watch as much TV as the time spent exercising that day
2. Only regularly follow as many shows as you have had holidays that year
3. Never just leave the TV switched on in the background as it forces bad habits
4. If you're bored then DO SOMETHING ! Learn the piano for example
5. No money? SELL your TV.. you now have money & your life back!
6. Enjoy your life on your own terms

Still not convinced?
Give it a try for a month and report back....
Although success through change does scareThe  most people  :)

Mark McIntyre

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