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Positive Energy from positive people - Belfast Bootcamps and Runner Nutter

Emotional and physical energy, it's a funny old thing, we can detect it, describe it, sense it, thrive on it and use it for every single action, inaction and thought, yet we never really examine where it comes from.

Your energy flows in the direction that you choose to make it flow, it can go with you, or against you,  it's only you who controls the flow and when you fully believe this, then you have the ultimate superpower, self belief !

On the 7th February 2015 the time came where my absolute cast iron faith in peoples in-built ability was put to the test, this test was a 15km run and those taking part had either never run 15 km or had, but quite a long time ago.

It's my firm belief that any normally aspirated bi-pedal homo-sapien has no barriers to being able to achieve absolutely anything, in this case, everyone can run, not only can they run, but they can go much much further than they've ever credited themselves for.

What everyone had in common on the 7th February was the sense that running 15 km would be difficult, the questions of, 'Do you think i'm fit enough', won the instance response of 'yes, anyone can run 15km, infact, anyone can run absolutely any distance provided they're fueled up'.

I then remind the person  that the run is 'non vanity'... this statement can be confusing as most people have no idea what a vanity or  non vanity run run is.
Saying that, it's hardly surprising considering I just invent
ed the terms !

Are you really making these phrases up to describe running disciplines?
Well, yes.. but they do make sense... here goes:

Vanity running 
Running a set distance within a particular time , that time generally being set dogmatically, ie, reading in a magazine then believing that that you should be able to achieve a mile in 7 minutes

You feel pushed, motivated and you do get faster provided you remain positive


You may experience feelings of 'failure' due to not hitting the time target.
Through repetition this can result in you convincing yourself that you can't run. 

Non Vanity running
Running for the hell of it, this can be a set distance but not set to a time.

Zero pressure and makes running much more enjoyable which drives greater physical health and mental wellbeing - This is often the better way to form a solid foundation when starting out with distance running

Not suitable in final preparations for running 'against the clock' where 'time' is your priority.

Those explanations gained further looks of suspicion and doubt, externally this could be perceived as them doubting me or my statements, but in reality, this is the person doubting themselves, this is in part based on the following reasons which are internally re-enforced by a fed cycle of self doubt ;

I've not run 15km before - okay, so how do you know it's not possible
I couldn't run 5km last week - But that wasn't in a positive group, or with me
I can't run - Yes you can, i've seen you run as have others..

It will take me ages! - It's a non vanity run, if it takes all day then so be it
What if I need the loo? - There are loos on the route
Where are we running? - 7.5 km that way (points) and then back

What if I start but cant finish it - Get started and we'll discuss the finish on the way
Seriously, what if I don't finish - Seriously, what if you never start?

How can I be so sure of peoples abilities when they're so unsure of their own?

You're a quantum being
just when you thought you'd heard it all :)

Bare with me on this aspect, it might make sense to you... eventually ;-) 

 can adopt either of two states at any one time, (check out the The double slit experiment), or both states all the time or even no state at all if it chooses. One of the factors which determines it's state is whether it's being observed or not, in addition to this,  entanglement makes things even weirder, with the upshot being that energy can  express itself as either a wave or matter, or both, or none at all, or everything at one place, or everywhere in the universe at precisely the same time, or never at all... (told you it was getting weird)... The end result is entirely dependant on observation, aka, you!.

Where any inward action can lead to any outward state, you have a quantum conundrum, that being that your unique observation leads to a manifestation of how particles of energy behave and those energy particles form the world around you, as the resultant manifestation of your thoughts.

It's a bit like thinking about a person you haven't spoken to for a while,  then soon after (or during) they nudge you on facebook or call or text, apparently out of the blue... Did your thoughts deliver that result? consider that, then consider what happens when you approach a challenge with extreme negativity v's positivity, how did your observation of self belief affect the outcome?

So, to summarize all that, you're the ultimate quantum being due to yo being the centre of your observable universe and the experiences you choose based on your self belief and focus.

Some call it Schrodinger's  cat
I call it your potential!

A Ghandi quote might help
Be the change you want to see in the world

This takes us onto the law of attraction
(all this background will make sense shortly)

The law of attraction works on the basis that you will eventually attain/see what you focus on, this can be great, or terrible, but whatever the result, it's from your focus, so the trick is to make that focus positive.

So... with the law of attraction, you focus on the actual goals you want from life, you work in ways to attain those goals, then over time you attain that them, regardless of what they are.

When embarking on a new challenge by yourself, the law of attraction is highly dependant and exclusively focussed on your emotional energy, the end result is solely your responsibility and that result then contributes to the next cycle of emotional energy


What this means in terms of running is that if you fail to achieve a run distance of say 5km, you might start to believe that you're unable run 10km or 15 km, purely on the basis of previously not having run 5km 'successfully', it's always important to remember that trying is a success in itself.
If you had run 5km then you might well believe that 10km is a worthy target, then step it up again and again etc, what people forget, is that it's perfectly okay to break out of linear fixed paths.

On a single person dynamic the results of embarking on a challenge are fairly predictable, as there's only one thought process involved, that being one belief, ie, you will make it or you won't...
Things get more interesting when looking at group dynamics.

Going back to the 15km run on the 7th February 2015.
(Back on track thank goodness!)

The law of attraction is a huge subject, but in short, it determines that you get from it what you want, and you're wants need to be based on your absolute and consistent belief that you can attain them through taking positive and proactive steps which are conducive to your attaining them, so.. how does this manifest itself?

Before starting the run, I had absolute belief that everyone taking part in the run, regardless of the individuals perceived limitations,  would finish the run, this is because I had already visualised everyone crossing the line, I knew the sting at the tail of the end of the run and had anticipated the the response to that...

My thoughts on everyones success were 100% consistent, evident and well placed.

There was only one element which was an unknown to me and that was Karen, the other seven people, that being, Edel, Claire, Christina, Helen, Stephen, Dan and Michael were known entities in the equation,  so reasoning on the dynamics of individual energy flow within a group dynamic, which can be individually viewed as 'not wanting to let the team down', I took a punt on the basis that I was 100% positive about the seven and  99.9% positive about the 8th.

My 100% belief in the group success was due to having had worked over the prevailing weeks and months with the group within the Bootcamping classes, as such, I was able to substantiate my belief with reason formed through evidence.

Nevertheless, my seemingly bizarre belief in them was consistently met with confusion and some degree of cynicism, this is a normal reaction for most people encountering new challenges, so, this entire process becomes an exercise in helping them form self belief through the dynamics of positive emotional energy aka the law of attraction.
(and they thought it was just a run!)

Negative energy is akin to the darkness in that even the smallest flicker of positivity will shine through, and I guess this is where I come in...
My unwavering positive energy may have acted as the catalyst which initially convinced everyone taking part in the run that it was worth 'giving it a go', as soon as everyone submitted to 'giving it a go', they essentially, albeit tentatively, opened up a pathway to the self belief that that they could achieve it.

Their feelings that the distance was now somehow possible, when combined to my resolve that the successful completion of the distance was inevitable, meant that the group energy flow was now balanced in favour of success... However, this was merely theory at this stage, the actual proof is only ever in the doing.

On a solo effort, the energy may have remained a negative and thus the distance not attempted, whereas the group dynamic enhanced the will to attempt!

The power of distraction

Getting the group going was a little like push starting a car, the initial push off was the biggest challenge, but once moving in the right direction, it sparks to life... Once going, keeping going was the trick, and the biggest part of the trick is distraction !

After a mile and some distraction skullduggery, surges in positive momentum were achieved and provided that the momentum could be sustained all would go even better than anticipated.
Over time, everyone started to enjoy the run, every 5-10 minutes, while maintaining forward momentum, people were re-partnered , at which stage they had new chat , then another 5 minutes, re-partnered again, all while closing the distance.

Changing running partners and running in a strict formation created an illusion of time and space, only the people at the front could see what lay ahead clearly and this meant that appreciating the distance covered was not overly easy, so this absence of thinking 'how far have we gone', and 'how far is left' meant that the negative thoughts associated with distance were staved of fuel, and due to that, only the positive thoughts could thrive, oops.. 5 minutes.. change running buddy !

In the beginning it's fair to say that it was my energy which ignited the will for everyone to get going, but gradually,  as each person felt more empowered and confident their own energy become positive dominant and they were self sustaining positive energy to form intrinsic self belief, as each person snapped from personal doubt to personal confidence, an additional surge of energy was transmitted to the group, where it encouraged the next person to snap out of doubt, then the next and the next and so on, and then everyone was in the positive.

In the space of 8 miles, the group (as a whole) transformed from self doubt  to a highly charged cluster of positivity through their combined ever growing sense of self belief..

well, that and the energy gels, isotonic drinks and protein bars.

The above is proof positive of positive teamwork at play, by routinely switching partners during the run and encouraging conversation, three key things happen.

1 People become less aware of the time taken, so it truly becomes non vanity.
2 Everyone absorbs additional positive energy from laughter or peer pep talk.
3 The dominant thought graduates from can't to can, as they're clearly 'doing'.

The chant or mantra from can't to can is extremely powerful, suddenly, the law of attraction is delivering the positive experience that you want, the more positive your frame of mind the greater the reward, and yes, it's still hard work, but the law of attraction works only for those who apply personal efforts, ie, those who do want the result.

This was so effective and so powerful that at the end of the run, instead of people feeling 'complacent' at attaining their significant milestone, they pretty unanimously moaned that we didn't go further!

It's amazing how a frame of mind can be altered so drastically in such a short period of time.

As a Brucey bonus, let's look at weight loss, as it's something many people think about... A lot.. ! 

This is the whole are of weight.
Most people
 who think about weight loss as a prime driver in personal happiness or in determining a personal level of success through enhanced body confidence driven by shape and a lower BMI are rarely going to attain the intended results for the longer term.
The reason for this is that by focussing on 'weight loss' to adopt a healthier weight, you're join two powerful diametrically opposing key words

The mass of an object, a level of seriousness, priority, indicator of importance

To lose, mourne, forget, absent, missing, final, misplace, accidental, bereavement, removed, last, non attainment, failure, negative

Is putting a negative word with an intended positive action going to be conducive to the goal or is this going to become counter to the goal in mind?

I'll help you out ....

The law of attraction takes your mantra literally, in the weight loss scenario it would be thinking, right... this person wants something relating to weight but they already have weight... hmmmm what's the other bit? they want to lose, but lose what?... hmmm, okay... who am I to argue with such a persistent want.. I will make sure they fail at this weight question but only if they continue this focus or better define the outcome. 

At this, the Law of Attraction will take your weight loss mantra as losing the actual goal that your seeking in an inversely and bewilderingly disproportional manner, by unwittingly attaching a negative as part of the desired outcome you've doomed yourself to a negative result in the longer term.
The law of attraction is designed to deliver what you want, so it's really important to make sure you adapt your mantra and live more positive... ie, gain not loss!
Positively Specific
Health gain
Fitness gain
Mobility gain
Fluidity gain
Agility gain
Happiness gain

Give it a go, not just in running or thinking about body weight, but in defining clearly and concisely the life that you want to live, not the life you're expected to live.
Great results are rarely instant, but if they're important to you, then they're worth putting in the effort for...

I know 100% that when I say you're able to do something, you are, in part because everyone has the inbuilt intrinsic ability do anything and in the the whole, because I will encourage, coach and focus you until you submit, and when you do, you shatter those fake limitations you've been convinced exist, enabling you to then live your full potential.

My Bootcamping service is much more than a fitness class.
My Belfast Life Coach service is extremely empowering
I offer you much more than the typical coach can dare dream of
You're so much more than you've been led to believe

When are you going to book me?


Mark McIntyre - Proactive Motivation  - The outdoor lifestyle

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