Monday, 19 October 2015

The hunger games - Belfast Personal Trainer on dangerous diets

There are some things in the fitness world that really annoy me, such as the quick fix formula via shakes, plastic body wraps, diet pills and the ever increasing narcissism which goes with the relentless facebook posts of 'going to the gym' or the tirade of flat tummy selfies which flood social media timelines and re-enforce the form over function mindset (incorrectly)... But the one which caps them all is the rapid weight loss 'diet plan'.

When it comes to food, we generally have three choices
1. Eat and drink to excess and die prematurely
2. Eat in harmony with your body and live a long healthy life
3. Starve yourself and die prematurely

On the surface the choice seems pretty obvious, [you go for the one in the middle] however, to achieve that you often need to do some sort of fact find, this requires a methodical approach which can take time due to the trial and error nature of it but should this approach be persevered with then the lifelong reward is the total freedom from diets, absolutely no denial and a body shape with the energy you require.

Unfortunately the vast majority of people decide that options '1' and '3' are the better deal, that being a yo yo between those two states...
ie, people starving themselves prior to holidays, then gorging themselves stupid and then starving themselves afterwards ... you might well identify with this particular cycle.. but why are you following this cycle in the first place? When did you (for yourself) decide that the yo yo system was a better bet then just being healthy

Right now we're about to hit the time of the year which exacerbates this socially accepted and positively encouraged eating disorder, so you might well find yourself adopting the starvation cycle before the works do only to then live to excess and then go through the starvation straight after the celebrations.

To this effect you will have a lot to choose from, Atkins, lighter life, weight watchers or slimming world etc, all of these have incredibly loyal Stockholm syndrome followers.

In addition to those, you will find other plans such as the 'Little Black Dress' program which involves restricting you to 1000 calories a day (currently being offered by a trainer in Belfast!)...

This type of plan should be banned, it is extremely dangerous (unless supervised continuously by a medical professional), to put this into context, your central nervous system alone requires around 800 calories per day.

Any trainer , regardless of who it is, whether on TV, new or experienced should be banned from offering any nutritional advice if they push this type of lethal and blindly prescribed  'plan'...

Unfortunately, as previously stated, this [type of plan] is  a socially accepted 'norm', but let's be clear...through promoting eating disorders and the issues highlighted on the image above,  THIS KILLS !

I know that on first impression this blog post seems somewhat alarmist, but remember I have no agenda or incentive to keeping you informed other than a genuine wish for you to be properly informed...

I never sell you shakes, pills, potions or quick fix formulae, HOWEVER, I do use an evidence based approach which requires a methodical 50/50 participatory approach by clients and myself, this ensures lifelong positive results on the basis of understanding YOU.

Mark McIntyre

Author of 
'A Positively Healthier Lifestyle' - or on eformat here
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